Allison Jones Foster is the daughter of the award-winning singer-songwriter and producer, David Foster. She came back into the picture thirty years after David gave her up for adoption. The two are part of a family that shares the most amazing story.

David Foster is an iconic Canadian musician and composer. The is a 16-time Grammy Award winner. In addition, the star is also known for receiving other dazzling accolades in Hollywood.

Allison grew up far from her biological parents. When she was born, her mom and dad were not ready to be parents. So, they gave her up for adoption as soon as she was born. However, David and his daughter reunited several decades later. They might just be one of the closest father-daughter-duo.

Let’s find out more about Allison Jones Foster’s life.

Personal Life

Allison Jones Foster was born on the 6th of April 1970. David Foster is her father. The information about her biological mother is yet to be revealed.  David was twenty years old when he had his eldest daughter.

Allison’s parents placed her up for adoption soon after she was born. They were clueless about bringing up a child, so they did the best thing at that time.

The person who adopted Allison Jones Foster is a single mom called Sonya. She has a brother with whom they grew up.

Sonya always shows her support and never-ending love to her adoptive daughter. They have a very good relationship. Their close relationship is visible from the occasional photos that Allison shares of her on Instagram.

Allison Jones is a married woman. She tied the knot with a man called Bret Jones. They met in the 90s and started dating. They officiated their marital union in 1996.

Besides, she is a mother of two beautiful kids. Their eldest son, Tristan Jones is 23 years old. Their youngest, Aaron was born on the 17th of January 2002.


Apart from the adoptive brother that Jones grew up with, she also has other step-siblings from David’s other families.

When David Foster was married to B.J. Cook, they had a daughter, Amy skylark Foster. She was born on the 23rd of July 1973. However, their marriage ended.

After his divorce from Cook, David moved on. He married Rebecca Dyer. The couple had three kids together. Their kids are Sara Foster, Erin Foster, and Jordan Foster. This marriage also ended.

After the end of his second marriage, David tied the knot with Katherine McPhee. They had one son that they named Rennie David Foster.

Although Allison was not brought up in the same household as her step-siblings, she still loves them. They are her family and they stay close. In an interview, she revealed that she is grateful for her family after getting reunited thirty years later.


Allison works for her father’s not-for-profit association. She became part of the David Foster Foundation in 2009. Initially, she was a secretary to one of the board members. Currently, the plays a directorial role at the foundation.

Final Thoughts

Allison Jones Foster is a proud parent and wife. Despite growing up far from her biological parents, she had a happy life. We hope that her life is blissful.