David Packouz is a man with many talents. He is an entrepreneur, musician, and father. His latest accomplishment is the birth of his daughter Amabelle Jane. David and his wife are thrilled at their new addition to the family. Amabelle was born on October 1st, 2017, and weighed in at 7 pounds 8 ounces. Both mother and daughter are doing well and enjoying their time together. Congratulations to the Packouz family on this happy occasion!

Early Life And Education Of Amabelle Jane

Amabelle Jane was born in February 2007 to her father, David Packouz, in Miami, Florida, the United States. Her mother’s name is unknown. Her father, Packouz, wanted to keep her out of the media spotlight. Her grandparents are Shoshana and Rabbi Kalman Packouz.

Amabelle’s father, David, was born in Miami, Florida, in 1981. When he turned thirteen, he was presented in a Jewish household and had a Bar Mitzvah ceremony. David’s father was a successful businessman, so it’s no surprise that David followed in his footsteps. After graduating high school, David attended the University of Miami, where he studied business administration.

While still in college, David started his first company, IKOS Systems, with a friend. IKOS was a software company that created programs for businesses to manage inventory and track customers. The company was successful, and David made money from it. However, he eventually sold his share of the company and decided to pursue other interests.

In 2006, David met his future wife, also from Miami. The two got wedded in 2008 and have been together ever since. In 2017, they welcomed their first child, Amabelle Jane, into the world.

David is a very accomplished man. In addition to beginning his own company, he has also worked as a professional musician. He is an excellent guitar player and has played with some famous bands. He even played guitar on stage with the band Blink-182 during one of their concerts!

David is also a very generous man. He has donated money to various charities over the years and even started his charity, The David Packouz Foundation. The foundation helps provide resources to children in need.

Amabelle Jane’s Career And Net Worth

As of 2022, 14-year-old Amabelle Jane hasn’t begun her career yet. She doesn’t even earn an income yet.

His father, who was convicted of a crime before his arrest, had a successful career in sales for AEY Inc, where he worked as an arms dealer. In 2007, AEY Inc was authorized by the U.S. government to receive $300 million in supply deals to supply the Afghan Army with 100 million rounds of AK47 ammunition, millions of rounds of sniper rifles, and aviation rockets.

Simultaneously, Packouz and Diveroli were apprehended and prosecuted for obstruction of justice concerning the drug conspiracy. In 2011, Diveroli was condemned to four years in central penitentiary while Packouz served seven months of house arrest.

Personal Life of Amabelle Jane

Amabelle Jane will be just 14 years of age in 2022, and at this time, she is attending her class-level education. Nothing whatsoever about her personal life has been made public. She is not fond of social media websites, either.