Liam Jeffrey is the son of actress Erica Durance and actor David Palffy. Like many children born to parents who are in the spotlight, five years old Liam Palffy has no control over his fame at a young age. It’s only typical for his parents’ fans to want to know more about the life of the adorable son. Jeffrey’s mother is best known for her role as Lois Lane in the WB/CW television series Smallville. His father is famous for playing Anubis and Sokar on Stargate SG-1.

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Liam Jeffrey Age, Siblings

Jeffrey was born in December 2016. He is the third son of David Palfy. The first son is from David Palfy’s previous relationship, while his second born is with his wife, Erica Durance. Jeffrey’s elder brothers are Laszlo David and Lochlan William Palffy. Details about the kids’ schooling aren’t provided.

Liam Jeffrey’s Father: Davis Palffy

David Palffy graduated from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. He played the Goa’uld villains Anubis and Sokar in Stargate SG-1. Palffy had recurring guest appearances in The X-Files, Andromeda, First Wave, and Blade: The Series. He was cast as Castillo Sermano in the movie adaptation of the video game House of the Dead. He played Caleb Reece in the 2004 racing video game Need for Speed: Underground 2.

Palffy has a son from a previous relationship. In 2005, Palffy married Eriba Durance. Their first child was born in February 2015, and the second in December 2016.

Liam Jeffrey’s Mother: Erica Durance

Durance was born in Calgary to Gail and Joel Durance and grew up in Three Hills, Alberta, Canada. She was trained as a classical singer from a tender age. After high school, she moved to Vancouver to pursue her interest in acting. She studied acting at the Yaletown Actors Studio with her husband and coach, David Palffy.

She made her film debut in 2002 in The Untold. She guest starred in the supernatural series The Collector and the comedy series The Chris Isaak Show. She played a beauty pageant contender alongside Eliza Dushku in Tru Calling, an intergalactic librarian in Andromeda, and a love interest for Teal’c on Stargate SG-1. Durance worked as an agent for background actors while acting part-time.

Durance was considering quitting acting when she was cast as Lois Lane on Smallville in 2004. According to her, Lois’ character changed her forever. She took up the role and enjoyed every moment for seven years. She appeared in many more films, including The Butterfly Effect 2 (2006), Island Heat: Stranded (2006), I Me Wed (2007), for which she got a Gemini Awards nomination, Beyond Sherwood Forest (2009), and Sophie and Sheba (2010).

In 2011, Durance guest starred as CIA operative Samantha Masters in the TV series Charlie’s Angels. In 2012, she began starring in the lead role of Chief Surgical Dr Alex Reid in the CTV television series Saving Hope. Her real-life pregnancy got worked into the third season of the series. She starred in Hallmark’s Wedding Planner Mystery in 2014, Supergirl and Batwoman. Her latest role was in Lifetime’s Girl in the Shed: The Kidnapping of Abby Hernandez and Hallmark’s Color My World With Love.

Wrapping Up

Parents play a significant role in the information the media receives about their young ones. Jeffrey’s parents seem to have chosen privacy until their sons are old enough to make their own choices.