Coleman Laffoon, An American real estate broker, and investor married the love of his life, Alexi Laffoon. He is also a beloved and famous character in Hollywood.

Coleman, aka Coley, appeared in some popular movies including Bild Live and The Dead Will Tell. He was also on some episodes of Ellen DeGeneres, including Ellen Degeneres: The Beginning and Ellen DeGeneres: American Summer Documentary.

According to some sources, Colly Laffoon is among the youngest and most successful investors in his area of expertise. Like her husband, Alexi is also in real estate. What else is there to know about their beautiful family? Let’s find out.

Personal Life

Alexi Laffoon is an American citizen. That is all she revealed about her background. The specific birthday or place where she comes from is yet to be revealed.

Besides, there is no information about her age. However, based on her appearance, it is reasonable to infer that she is probably in her early forties.

As mentioned earlier, she is the wife of Coley Laffoon. They have a beautiful family with three children. Their names are Zoey Marine, Emmylou Polk, and Wyatt Tennyson Laffoon.

Education and Career

Alexi went to the University of Miami. She double-majored in Bachelor of Advertising and Spanish. After completing college in 2011, she relocated to Los Angeles where she now lives with her family.

Alexi Laffoon also studied at Nova Southeastern University. This is the higher education institution where she obtained her Master’s in Science and Education. The institution is a well-known for-profit research university in Davie Florida.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Alexi Laffoon is a licensed assistant at the Coley Laffoon Real Estate firm. Based on the information on the company website, she is one-half of the Coley Lafoon Group.

Before joining the real estate industry, Alexi Laffoon had another job. She worked as a digital producer at the Silicon Beach Advertising Community.

About Coley Laffoon

Coleman Laffoon was born on the 7th of October 1973, in Cincinnati. On his first job, Coley worked as a cameraman. From there, he transitioned to real estate, where he became an agent.

He gained fame through his marriage to the late Anne Heche, a beloved American actress. During their marriage, Anne and Coley had one son, Homer Laffoon.

However, the marriage only lasted for six years. They divorced in 2007 and went their separate ways. Ann Heche died in 2022 after sustaining an inhalation injury and burns after a fiery car crash.

Net Worth

According to some sources on the web, Alexi Laffoon makes about 75,000 annually. However, details about her net worth are unknown. On the other hand, her husband is quite wealthy. He has a net worth of roughly sixteen million dollars.

Wrapping Up

Alexi Laffoon maintains a private life. She does not share much about herself or her family, except for a few Instagram posts here and there. However, she has an amazing husband and a good family.