Anna Lise Liddell is the daughter of American singer Lee Ann Womack and her second husband Frank Liddell, a record producer and co-founder of Carnival Music Company. She was born in January 1999 in Nashville, Tennessee, United States; Anna Lise Liddell has one older sibling from her mother’s first marriage, Aubrie Sellers, a country music singer.

Education and Career

Anna Lise Liddell completed high school but has not revealed the school’s name. She has also not mentioned the course she pursued in college. Anna Lise Liddell has kept her career details to herself, but she likes playing the guitar. Since everyone in the family is into music, Anna might have felt the pressure of making music; however, she has chosen a different career path.

Anna Lise Liddell loves music and often likes supporting her mother and sister; she even sometimes accompanies them when they are performing.

Love Life

Anna Lise Liddell has not revealed much about her love life; she likes posting her friends on Instagram but has never revealed who she is dating. However, she is not married and has no kids at the moment.

Her Parents

Anna’s parents met in the 1990s when Frank worked at Decca Records. They started their relationship, and years later, they had their daughter. The couple has been together for over 20 years. Before marrying Frank Liddell, Anna’s mother was married to Jason Sellers, whom she divorced after six years together; they had a daughter.

Anna Lise Liddell’s Mother’s Music Career

Anna Lise’s mother started her music career in the 1990s; she released her first album in 1997. Her first song, Never Again, Again, was on the country music charts. Lee Ann’s second single, The Fool, was more successful than the first and was among the Top 5 country music in 1997. Given her early success as a country music singer, she won several awards, including Top Artist of the Year.

Anna’s mother released her second album, Some Things I Know, in 1998, featuring songs like I’ll Think of a Reason Later: A little Past Little Rock, Don’t Tell Me, and Now You Don’t. The album’s first two singles were number 2 on the Country Chart.

Lee Ann has succeeded in her music career, and most of her songs have done well. Besides, she has won several awards, including many Country Music Awards and one Grammy Award. She is among the greatest country music singers, inspiring many people, including her daughter Aubrie.

Social Media

Anna Lise Liddell is on Instagram; she likes sharing pictures of her sister, parents, and friends. You can tell that she is someone who values friends and family. Besides, she also posts performances by her sister and sometimes those by her mother. On Instagram, Anna Lise Liddell has slightly over a thousand followers.

Anna Lise Liddell is not active on Twitter and Facebook. Her mother is also on social media; however, most of the content she posts on Instagram is her work and music.