Track your baby's feeding anytime, anywhere

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Easy to use app tracks everything you and your pediatrician care about

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Unique design works with most bottles

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Smart bottle feeding system that tracks and analyzes your baby's feeding intake

Guides parents, family members, and caregivers on how to feed your little one
Best Feedings

Peace of mind that your baby is getting the best feeding no matter who's holding the bottle.

Always Connected

Monitor, track, and analyze your baby's feedings in real-time with our mobile app.

Easily Shared

Every caregiver can experience the joy of baby's growth, no matter where they are.

What parents are saying

  • "Before BlueSmart mia, I had a journal for feeding, sleeping, and diapers. It's so nice that I have everything in the app now, and that it tracks the feedings for me so I don’t have to."

    - Daniela D'Amato

  • "I have a nanny and knowing when my baby eats is important. Getting that notification that my baby is feeding brings me peace of mind"

    - Michelle Siedman

  • "I would definitely recommend this product to any parent that loves to feel involved even when they can't physically be present."

    - Caroline Desangles

  • "If you have a nanny, it's so nice to get that confirmation that your nanny is doing the right thing."

    - Diana Limongi Gabriele

How BlueSmart mia makes bottle feeding smarter

Expiration Warning

Prevents baby from consuming expired breast milk or formula.

Temperature Alert

Baby eats comfortably at the optimal feeding temperature.

Angle Alert

Optimal feeding angle for less gas in baby's tummy.

Feeding Duration

Know that baby is fed at an adequate pace.

Feeding Amount

Registers feeding amount with voice recognition technology.

Feeding Reminder

Never worry about missing a feeding.

The app that keeps everyone connected

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"It's the perfect mealtime companion, giving you peace of mind about baby's feedings when you're not there to do it yourself."

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"For the technie new mama in your life, we highly recommend checking out the BlueSmart mia as a new mom gifts idea. Not only do we think BlueSmart mia is awesome as a tech baby product, but it brings a peace of mind to new parents, too."

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"A flexible sleeve that fits most bottles, the BlueSmart mia connects to Wi-Fi via an easy-to-use app - so parents can track baby's progress anytime, any place..."

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"BlueSmart mia educates new parents about the health of their baby by tracking and analyzing their feeding and growth milestones."

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