Aasim Harris is a young teenage social media personality from America who is best recognized for being the son of American TV personality and entrepreneur Mendeecees Harris. Aasim Harris follows in the footprints of his father and stepped into the entrepreneur world from a very early age.

Today, we will tell you all about Aasim Harris including his early life, family, siblings, education, profession, net worth, love life, age, profession, earnings, net worth, and all other such details.

Personal life

Aasim Harris is an American celebrity child, best known for being the son of Mendeecees Harris and his ex-partner Erika DeShazo. The exact birth date of Aasim Harris is not known but he was believed to have taken birth in 2011. Considering the fact that Aasim Harris is only 12 years old right now, we don’t think he would be having any serious romantic relationship.

Parents and siblings

Aasim Harris is the only son of his parents Mendeecees Harris and Erika DeShazo, who were in a relationship from 2003 to 2011. Before their relationship could culminate into a marriage, they parted ways. Given the fact, the parents of Aasim Harris never got married.

If you talk about their profession, you already know that the father of Aasim Harris is a television personality and entrepreneur. On the other hand, his mother has preferred to maintain silence regarding her profession and source of earning. With the fact that Aasim Harris is the only child of his parents, he obviously does not have any siblings.


Considering the age of Aasim Harris who is just 12 years old right now, we think there is no point in talking about her kids.

Education and profession

The father of Aasim Harris is not very open about his personal life of Aasim Harris and this is the reason that his educational background is a complete secret to the public. With the fact that he is 12 years old right now, it can be said that he is a school-going kid. If you talk about his profession this young teenager, he is a media personality and already has a huge fan following on his Instagram. Also, he is the CEO of a shopping and retail company according to his Instagram bio.

Reason for the popularity of Aasim Harris

With the fact that Aasim Harris is a celebrity child, obviously, the main reason for his popularity is his father who is a renowned personality. Such an active presence of Aasim Harris on social media is also a major reason for his popularity.

Net worth of Aasim Harris

Owing to the fact that Aasim Harris is a social media personality, it can be said that he must be earning some money. However, his earnings and net worth are not disclosed to the public. If you talk about the net worth of his father, he is estimated to have around 5 million.


 At the age when most celebrity children enjoy the stardom of their parents, Aasim Harris himself is doing something on his own. Aasim Harris is definitely a remarkable child.