Christopher Jarrett Medina Gardner is the son of American businessman Chris Gardner and his wife, Jackie Medina. He was born in San Francisco, California, on January 28, 1981. Christopher has one younger sibling, a sister named Jacinta Medina Gardner.

Early Life

When Christopher Jarrett Medina Gardner was young, his mother took him and was out of reach of Chris Gardner for some time, but she returned after four months. Christopher’s father was struggling financially, but Jackie left Christopher with him as she was still a student. For a year, Christopher and his father were homeless. Chris used to leave his son in a daycare facility so that he could go to work.

Education and Career

Despite their financial struggles at first, things improved, and Christopher started going to school. After high school, he joined Johnson C. Smith University, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in psychology four years later. Christopher is very conservative and has not revealed many details about himself.

According to his LinkedIn profile, he works as the Chief Executive Officer of a fitness company based in Chicago. Indeed life has changed for the better for him.

Personal Life

Christopher Jarrett Medina Gardner has a great relationship with his father; he remembers always moving around with his father, but he never considered being homeless. Christopher Jarrett Medina recognises his father as a caring individual, as he was with all-time despite how things were tough for them.

Moving on to his romantic life, Christopher has been secretive and little is known about his past or current relationships. Besides, it is unclear if Christopher Jarrett Medina has children.

Media Depiction

The film The Pursuit of Happiness portrays Christopher and his father’s life, their struggles when he was young, and how their life changed. Christopher’s character is played by Jaden Smith, while Will Smith portrays his father’s character. The movie shows Chris Gardner’s journey from poverty to grace.

His Father

After high school, Christopher’s father joined the US Navy, where he worked as a hospital corpsman for four years, after which he moved to San Francisco after Dr Robert Ellis, a cardiac surgeon, offered him a job. Christopher’s father worked at a laboratory and helped Dr Robert perform certain procedures.

Christopher’s father later dropped his ambitions of becoming a medic, so he separated from his first wife, Sherry Dyson, who wanted him to pursue a medical course. Chris ventured into business, but it was tough at first. He worked at Bear Stearns & Company, but his salary was not enough to meet his son’s and his needs.

In the late 1980s, Christopher’s father started a company with some money he had saved, and since then, his life has changed for the better. His businesses have grown, and so has his net worth. Christopher’s father currently involves himself with philanthropy and is a motivational speaker;  he is a source of inspiration for many people worldwide.

Social Media

Christopher Jarrett Medina Gardner is not active on social media platforms; however, you can find pictures of him on his father’s Instagram page. Chris likes posting a photo of his son, especially on National Sons Day.