If you appreciate the Russo-Persian War, you’ll know of Catherine the Great, the renowned Russian empress whose reign lasted from 1762 to 1796. Cue that period—so many fun and intellectual activities were not taken into account and are no longer known. Many sources claim that a secret wedding ceremony occurred between Potemkin-Tauricheski and Grigory Aleksandrovich Tyomkina. One of their children was Yelizaveta Grigoryevna Potemkin-Tyomkina.

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Personal Life Yelizaveta

Numerous historical records and accounts suggest that Yelizaveta Grigoryevna Tyomkina is the claimed daughter of Catherine II and Grigory Potemkin. She was born on July 24, 1775, yet Catherine the Great did not acknowledge her. She was born secretly, and a few rumors suggested that Catherine the Great was her mother. She is thought to have died in the 6th century, although that may not have been the case. She was brought up in the Simoilov household and expired on June 6, 1854.

Spouse of Yelizaveta Grigoryevna Tyomkina

Yelizaveta Grigoryevna Tyomkina was the wife of Russian statesman Ivan Ivanovich Kalageorgi. He wasn’t of Greek descent but among the childhood friends of Paul I’s youngest son, Grand Duke Konstantin Pavlovich. The couple may have several children together, but only three of them were officially recorded by Konstantin Kalageorgi, Varvara Kalageorgi, and Alexandr Kalageorgi.

He subsequently went to the court in January 1782 and was appointed to the position of tutor to Grand Duke Konstantin Pavlovich until 1789. Then Ivan was appointed as a lieutenant and participated in 1790 in the wartime against the Swedes under Marshal Saltykov.

He was elevated to captain the same year and, in 1793, became a major general. In 1794, Ivan was dismissed from the army to accept state matters. In November 1793, he was appointed to the Senate as executor. He was awarded the Order of the Annunciation for his achievements in managing Kherson province on January 29, 1810.

Children of Yelizaveta

If Yelizaveta Grigoryevna Tyomkina and Ivan Khristoforovich Kalageorgi were to have numerous children, only three of them would be recorded. Konstantin Kalageorgi, Varvara Kalageorgi, and Alexandr Kalageorgi are the children Yelizaveta Grigoryevna Tyomkina, and Ivan Khristoforovich Kalageorgi may have had. There is little information about their contribution to the history of Russia.


Yelizaveta Tyomkina was the formerly rumored daughter of the Russian empress, Catherine II, and Russian statesman Prince Grigory Aleksandrovich Potemkin-Tauricheski. Catherine II, or Catherine the Grand, was the last empress regent and the longest-ruling female leader. Under her reign, Russia experienced the Enlightenment, a period in which cultural, scientific, political, and social progress was promoted. During her long reign, numerous cities, universities, and theaters were established in Russia, and many European immigrants moved to the territory, making it one of the great powers of Europe.

Grigory, a Russian military leader, statesman, and nobleman, died in negotiations for the Treaty of Jassy. He may have been Catherine’s favorite and possibly her lover when he helped her secure her 1762 coup.


As a historical figure, Yelizaveta Grigoryevna Tyomkina had relatively little influence on the politics of Russia. She is best known to be the alleged daughter of Catherine the Great and Prince Grigory Potemkin. Very little has been written about Yelizaveta, as Catherine the Great infamously never acknowledged her.