Gabby Randallson is well known as the second wife of professional wrestler Buff Bagwell, but they divorced. Bagwell recently got in the spotlight after defending his colleague Nyla Rose. Nyla is a transgender fighter who got trolled as they said she was not woman enough to be a Women’s Champion. Bagwell came to her rescue, saying he was a hundred percent supportive of her. The five-time world tag-team winner divorced Randallson four years into their marriage.

What led to the couple’s separation, and what has the champion wrestler been up to? Read on to find out.

Gabby Randallson Personal Life

Gabby is the former spouse and partner of fighter Marcus Alexander Bagwell. The pair got together in 1996, two years after Buff’s previous marriage. The couple separated about four years after getting together. There is no known information about Gabby’s personal life.

Buff Bagwell Personal Life

Buff Bagwell was born Marcus Alexander Bagwell in Marietta, Georgia, on 10 January 1970. In 2012, Bagwell was seriously injured in a car accident. He was taken to WellStar Kennestone Hospital in the intensive care unit, having suffered broken bones in his neck, jaw, and face. He underwent surgery to insert four plates in his face, and his jaw was wire-shut after surgery. Bagwell made a steady recovery from being tube fed to eating solid foods.

Bagwell was involved in another car accident on 16 August 2020 in Georgia, resulting in multiple injuries. On 22 May 2022, Bagwell was arrested in Cobb County for five charges, including speeding, hit and run, and giving the wrong name, birthdate, and address to law enforcement officers.

Bagwell filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court of Connecticut in 2016 against WWE for royalties from materials he had been featured in on the WWE Network. The case got dismissed in December 2017.

Bagwell has only been married twice and divorced in both circumstances. His first spouse was Alexis Rianja from 1988 to 1994. He then married Gabby Randallson in 1996 and divorced in 2000. Bagwell keeps his personal information private, and the reason for his divorce is unknown.

Buff Bagwell Career

Growing up, he was an outstanding baseball player at Sprayberry High School. Upon graduating from high school, Bagwell started an amateur boxing career. After his family’s lumber company went bankrupt, he became a massage therapist before settling on wrestling.

Bagwell trained under Steve Lawler. In 1990, he made a debut working for North Georgia Wrestling as Fabulous Fabian. In 1991, he began wrestling with the Global Wrestling Federation as The Handsome Stranger. Under the gimmick, he’d wear a Lone Ranger-style mask and give roses to female fans.

In 1991, Bagwell got hired by World Championship Wrestling, where he wrestled under his full name. His first match was non-televised, where he lost to Mike Graham. His televised debut was as a fan favorite at Clash of the Champions XVII. He defeated Rip Rogers on the 14 December episode of WCW. In his career with WCW from 1991 to 2001, Buff Bagwell was a five-time World Tag Team Champion. His other ring names include Marcus Alexander Bagwell and Marcus Bagwell.

Wrapping Up

Gabby Randallson may not be a common name in the limelight, but her ex-husband makes her a point of interest among his fans.