Timber frame house construction has been around for generations. There’s no doubt that concrete is among the least sustainable substances used in home construction. So, it will be more ecologically friendly to replace the inner skin of the blockwork and install a timber frame. There are a number of timber frame house plans available, but the “Platform Frame” kind is the most popular. This kind of timber frame consists of massive prefabricated frames or cassettes (typically 2.4m high x 3.6m wide).

What is a Timber Frame home?

Mike Dunfee, a Lakewood property management explains sturdy, load-bearing hand-hewed or machined timbers comprise the structure of a wood frame house. They are attached to one another either horizontally or vertically using mortise and tenon attachments or post and beam framing. The open area between these massive beams is sealed and insulated with Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs). It also seals the exterior of the home and builds an inner surface that showcases the wooden structure. Benefits of timber frame house plans-

Excellent energy efficiency and insulation

The brilliant thing about timber is that it naturally acts as an insulator. When fitted for the windows, doors, and flooring, they help in regulating the indoor temperature and maintain a pleasant living condition. They limit heat conductivity because they have natural thermal insulating features. Because of this, they use less energy to heat or cool the home, optimizing its overall energy efficiency.

Flexible design options

Simply put, timber frame house plans are ideal for homeowners who do not want to give up their options. Consider the walls: Important parts, such as the electrical and HVAC, can be concealed behind them. As the frame holds the entire structure of the home, it requires fewer walls. This offers completely open floor plans, extra door and window layout options, and cathedral-like high ceilings.

Durability and simple maintenance

Contrary to popular belief, a timber structure is quite sturdy and lasting. High-quality wood structures will last as long as they are correctly installed. In truth, well-built timber constructions and some varieties of wood can survive for hundreds of years. It is also quite simple and inexpensive to maintain. One can change its colour or add an extra layer of strength quickly and effortlessly!

Many design and size options

Another good reason to go with a timber frame is the diversity of options available. With a variety of sizes, forms, colours, textures, designs, styles, and styles, one can select whatever is perfect for the home construction. To get a custom-made wood supply, all one needs to do is look around for reputable manufacturers or suppliers.

Open for hybrid designs

Homeowners have the option to mix and match different types of building materials both inside and outside since the walls aren’t made entirely of solid wood. They can incorporate stone, log siding, cedar shake, and wood trusses exterior with drywall, beadboard, and log and timber trusses inside. Timber frame house plans also provide the option of going hybrid: half-timber framing in common spaces (such as the living area) and half-stick structure in the rest of the area. Then, to give the entire house a log or timber frame impression, homeowners can use log panelling or wainscoting.

Easy On The Wallet

Timber frame homes cut down on construction costs. Constructing a home using a timber frame can be less expensive than building one with stacked logs. As just the frame is made from wood, timber frame houses use less wood overall. Also, they use less heavy machinery, such as cranes, to move building materials about the construction site and are less labour-intensive to construct, saving money on labour costs. SIP walls get erected quickly, saving time — and money — on the construction timeline.


From superior insulation and energy efficiency, durability and reduced maintenance to a wide range of design and size options, easy work and quick construction- homeowners now have every good reason to choose a timber frame with all these worthwhile advantages in place. Hamill Creek Timber Homes is a reputable online wood importer offering softwoods, tropical hardwoods, and hardwoods. For the supply of cut-to-size timber for timber frame house plans and want to install wood frames, homeowners can discuss the measurements of the wood with experts and place the order right away