No matter if your goal is to enhance curb appeal or revitalize interior space, window treatments play an integral role in this decision process. Here are a few helpful guidelines to assist in making an informed decision.

This product is an easily adjustable plastic frame with a snap together feature to fit windows of any size, complete with a notch to hold miniature lights. Simple installation, removal, and storage make this item ideal. It is available in a range of sizes to conveniently fit almost any windows in Calgary.


Modern homes combine sleek lines and sophisticated style, but are often difficult to keep clean according to Keyrenter, a property management in Woodridge. That is why the Window Wonder cleaning system was created; to make cleaning windows, mirrors and glass table tops a simple and straightforward task. This As Seen on TV product sprays, mop and squeegee all at the same time; its mop side picks up dirt while its squeegee side wipes away moisture leaving your glass surfaces streak-free!

Window Wonder makes holiday light installation a snap with its snap-together plastic frame that fits most miniature lights, featuring notches custom tailored for holding string without glue, staples or tacks – and can store assembled for long-term convenience! Plus! It stores fully assembled for next year!


No matter the style or age of your home, it can still serve as an inviting space for friends and family to gather. Simply adding decorative touches can transform it into an inviting environment – one easy way is hanging some holiday lights – this instantly gives it a festive flair that brings people in!

January First has designed their Window Wonder frame to make window decoration simple. Simply snap together this plastic frame, size it according to the dimensions of your window, and use its notches to secure miniature holiday light sets without needing tape, staples, tacks or glue – leaving your windows looking gorgeous all year round!

The Window Wonder is an impressive three-in-one cleaning device. With its reservoir designed to store your preferred cleaning product and pads that absorb excess moisture quickly and a squeegee for wiping away excess moisture quickly and effortlessly – this mop makes glass surfaces streak-free with ease!


Transitional design gives homeowners the freedom to play around with a blend of contemporary and traditional elements in their space, from color choices to textures that add visual depth and add interest. Transitional homes allow owners to be creative when selecting this design style!

Transitional style design stands in stark contrast to pure contemporary, which typically features smooth and linear elements. By blending classic characteristics of traditional design such as warmth, richness, elegance and sophistication with those found in modern/contemporary styles such as clean lines, open spaces and metals – neutral colors with just a hint of mood are key components for this look.

Transitional homes take great advantage of mixed materials and textures, particularly in secondary rooms like powder baths and mudrooms. Woven textiles, natural fibers and juxtaposed matte and glossy finishes all create visual interest, which in turn reflect each homeowner’s individuality and reflect his or her personality through interior design. Homeowners opting for this aesthetic have the freedom to experiment with various design choices until finding one that perfectly encapsulates both their lifestyle needs and personal taste. Don’t miss out on your chance to start your own journey – take advantage of limited time offers and start transforming your home into a transitional paradise today.