Life is a little more privileged for Talita Roberta Pereira because she is a celebrity wife and the name of her celebrity husband is Charles Oliveira, who is a famous Brazilian mixed martial artist. Today, we will tell you all the details about this beautiful lady.

So, get into the details and find out all about Talita Roberta Pereira including her early life, family, siblings, education, profession, net worth, love life, children, and all other such details.

Personal life

 Considering the fact that Talita Roberta Pereira herself is not a celebrity, it is pretty obvious that you will hardly find any details about her early life including the names of her parents as well as her complete birth details. The only confirmed thing about her is that she is Brazilian by nationality.

So, let us directly jump to the love life of Talita Roberta Pereira which is probably the most beautiful thing in her life. She is the lady love of Brazilian mixed martial artist Charles Oliveira. The couple tied the knot in 2014 and soon they will be celebrating 10 years of their togetherness.

Parents and siblings

As already said, the family background of Talita Roberta Pereira is a complete mystery to the public, you will not get any details about her parents as well as siblings. We are not even sure whether or not Talita Roberta Pereira has any siblings.


No doubt Talita Roberta Pereira is having a happy married life and she has already become a mother through this marriage. She is the mother of a lovely daughter of 5 years old right now and her name is Tayla Oliveira.

Education and profession

 The educational details of Talita Roberta Pereira have not been revealed by either Talita Roberta Pereira or her celebrity husband. This is why you will not get any information on that. If you talk about her profession, the gorgeous lady is said to be a fitness instructor.

Reason for the popularity of Talita Roberta Pereira

The celebrity status of Talita Roberta Pereira’s husband is definitely a reason for her popularity, but Talita Roberta Pereira herself is quite active on social media. In fact, there is an Insta account in her daughter’s name as well. In both of these accounts, Talita Roberta Pereira is very much active.

Net worth of Talita Roberta Pereira

Considering the profession of Talita Roberta Pereira in mind, it won’t be wrong to say that she must be churning out a handsome amount of money in her career right now. However, the stunning lady preferred to keep the details related to her earnings to herself only. This is the reason that the exact net worth of Talita Roberta Pereira is not known. If we talk about the net worth of her husband, he is expected to have around 2.5 million.


Talita Roberta Pereira definitely got public attention because of her celebrity husband at first, but today, she herself is a social media personality and enjoys a successful professional career as a fitness instructor too.