Ava James Dayoub, the eldest daughter of the celebrity couple Emily Montague and Damon Dayoub, is a bright and energetic little girl with a contagious smile and an infectious personality. Ava’s mother, Emily Montague, was previously a model as well as an actress but she later left the Hollywood industry. Emily Montague is now an esthetician and made a name for herself in the skin-care business.

Family Life Of Ava James Dayoub

Emily Montague and her second husband, Damon Dayoub welcomed their daughter Ava James Dayoub on December 29, 2017. Ava’s younger sister, Ryan Elizabeth Dayoub, was born on July 3, 2021. Ava James’s parents tied the knot on May 20, 2015, almost two years prior to Ava’s birth. Ava’s mother, Emily Montague, was previously married to the popular comedian Chris D’Elia from 2006 till 2010.

Ava’s parents are both in the entertainment industry, and they have been vocal about their struggles with infertility. In an interview with People magazine, Emily Montague shared her journey towards motherhood and how difficult it was for her to conceive. Montague always wanted to be a mom, but it was harder than she thought it would be. Montague and Dayoub went through a lot of heartbreak, but Ava was worth it.

Work Life Of Ava’s Parents, Emily Montague & James Dayoub

During her acting days, Emily Montague was known for her roles in various television series such as “Days of Our Lives,” “The Young and the Restless,” and “Scandal.” But Montague struggled a lot after her switch from the modeling industry to the acting industry. Emily Montague went on a career break after marrying her current spouse. She restarted her career as a beauty therapist and skin care specialist with Shani Darden studio in 2020.

Damon Dayoub, Ava’s father, is an actor and producer known for his work in “Stitchers,” “The Protector,” “Dallas,” “NCIS,” “The Last Ship,” “Single Ladies,” “Brothers & Sisters,” and “The Rookie.” Dayoub debuted as an actor with the role of Dominick in the 2009 movie “Dead End Falls.” Three episodes of the television series “Shark Week” were produced by Damon Dayoub.

Interesting Facts About Ava James Dayoub

Ava is a curious and adventurous child who loves exploring the world around her. Her parents often take her on trips and adventures, and they encourage her to be independent and confident. In an Instagram post, Emily Montague shared a picture of Ava holding a snake with a caption: Teaching her to be fearless and curious about the world around her.

Ava is also a kindhearted child who loves giving back to her community. In a social media post, Ava’s parents shared a picture of her donating her hair to a charity that makes wigs for children with cancer. Emily Montague even wrote: Teaching Ava to be kind and compassionate towards others.


In conclusion, Ava James Dayoub is a remarkable 5-year-old with a bright future ahead of her. Ava’s parents, Emily Montague and Damon Dayoub, have created a loving and nurturing environment for her and they have instilled in her the values of curiosity, creativity, education, and philanthropy.

Ava’s mother’s journey towards motherhood has been a challenging one, but her daughter’s birth has brought them immeasurable joy and happiness. Ava’s parents have shared their journey with the world, hoping to inspire and support others going through similar experiences, and they continue to document their daughter’s growth and adventures on social media.