Ta-rel Marie Runnels is a celebrity spouse who is today enjoying a privileged and luxurious life because her husband, Dustin Rhodes, is a famous American professional retired wrestler. Today, we are here not to talk about this famous wrestler but about his wife.

So, read the article to unfold the details about her parents, siblings, childhood, education, profession, love life, children, earnings, net worth,  and all other such details that have never been talked about publicly.

Personal life

As you already know that Ta-rel Marie Runnels herself is not a celebrity and the main reason for her popularity is her husband, the details regarding her life have not been made public. This is the reason that you will hardly find any information about the early life of Ta-rel Marie Runnels including the names of her parents as well as her birth details. The only thing we are sure about her basic details is that she is an American.

Coming to the personal life of Ta-rel Marie Runnels, she got married to Dustin Rhodes in 2012 and the couple has been together ever since. This was the third marriage of her husband, while nothing is available about the previous relationships of Ta-rel Marie Runnels.

Parents and siblings

With the fact that the family background of Ta-rel Marie Runnels is completely under wraps, finding out any confirmed information about her parents as well as siblings is not really possible. Not just Ta-rel Marie Runnels, but her celebrity spouse also never bothered to talk about her family background.


Ta-rel Marie Runnels has been married to Dustin Rhodes for one decade but she is probably yet to become a mother. The husband of Ta-rel Marie Runnels has a daughter with his second marriage but, through this marriage, the couple doesn’t have any kids.

Education and profession

The educational and professional details of Ta-rel Marie Runnels are not an exception when it comes to having information publicly. Yes, nothing is available about her education as well as her profession. With the fact that Ta-rel Marie Runnels is the wife of such a great celebrity, we hope that there must be something extraordinary in her personality.

Reason for the popularity of Ta-rel Marie Runnels

After reading so far, you must have understood what is actually the main reason that makes Ta-rel Marie Runnels popular despite the fact that she is so private about her personal life. Yes, it is her husband, Dustin Rhodes, who is a renowned American former basketball player.

Net worth of Ta-rel Marie Runnels

Well, the net worth of Ta-rel Marie Runnels is not known to the public because she herself doesn’t want the details to come out. Nevertheless, the lady enjoys luxurious life because she is the wife of such a successful player, Dustin Rhodes, who has an estimated net worth of around 3 million right now.


It won’t be an exaggeration to say that Ta-rel Marie Runnels is a fortunate lady because she has been enjoying a happy married life filled with not just love but also lots of luxury and comfort.