One of the most legendary rappers of all time, Rick Ross, is the father of Billion Leonard Roberts. He began his hip-hop career in the early 2000s. With time, the rapper became one of the most successful rappers of his time. The artiste debuted in 2006 with his first single, Huslin.

Rick Ross was Triple Cs leading rapper in 2005. Other members of the hip-hop band were Gunplay and Torch. Among his other successes include the establishment of the Maybach Music Group.

The record company became a prominent one in the industry. It ended up signing other rappers and artists such as Meek Mill, Wale, and French Montana among others.

In addition to his successful music career, Rick Ross is an amazing father and husband. Keep reading this piece to discover more about his family and net worth.

Personal Details

Billion Leonard Roberts was born on the 6th of November 2022. He is the third child of Rick Ross. His mother is Briana Camille, a fitness model.

When Billion was born, Rick Ross took it to the internet to express his joy. He posted, “let’s all welcome my son Billion Leonard Roberts to the world.” He is the third child of the hip-hop rapper. However, for Briana Camille, Billion Leonard is her second child.


Billion Leonard Roberts is the fourth child of Rick Ross. He has a sister called Berkely Hermes. She is also the daughter of Rick Ross and Camille.

Toie is the step-sister of Billion. She is Rick Ross’s daughter from a previous relationship with Lastonia Leviston. William Roberts III is another step-brother of Billion Leonard Roberts. His mother is also another one of Rozay’s past relationships with a woman called Tia Kemp.

Billion Leonard Roberts’ Father Rick Ross

Rick Ross was born William Leonard Roberts II on the 28th of January 1976. He is an American rapper. Most people recognize him for his songs on the Maybach Music record firm and Huslin.

Rozay always loved music from when he was growing up. He went to Georgia Albany State University through a scholarship. However, he quit school after one year and started writing rap music and selling drugs.

Career and Net Worth of Parents

Billion Leonard Roberts is about five months old. He is only a baby. Besides, the parents are quite strict about the information they reveal to the public about his identity. There is no information related to the child’s life that has been revealed to the public.

Since Billion Leonard Roberts is only a baby, there is not much to reveal about his life. Besides, he does not have any career since he is a toddler.

His parents have successful careers. Briana Camille is a fitness ambassador and a fitness model. Her net worth is roughly one million dollars. Rick Ross is a famous rapper with a flourishing career. His net worth is 45 million dollars.

Final Words

Rick Ross and Camille keep the information about their son private. Thus, there is not much information to say about Billion Leonard Roberts.