If you have ever worn a black or dark-colored bra under light-colored clothing, you might be aware that this combination can draw attention to your choice of undergarment. The general rule for matching bras and clothing is to select a color of bra that will not show through your outfit. Here are a few helpful pointers for selecting the best bras for women and pairing bra colors with clothes.

Black Bras For Dark Clothing

Black bras are ideal for wearing under dark-colored clothing. Sheer or loosely woven fabrics could reveal the silhouette of white or light-colored bras. While you can wear nude bras under dark clothing, these bras may be more visible than a black bra or a bra in another deep shade.

When you are wearing a white t-shirt or other light clothing, you may want to avoid wearing a tshirt bra bra that is black or another dark color. Black bras can be visible under almost any other color of clothing, including clothes in bold or vibrant colors that are made of thin or loosely woven fabrics.

Nude Bras For White Tops

Nude bras are the best option for wearing with white t-shirts or other styles of white shirts or blouses. Dark bras are easier to see under sheer white or light-colored fabrics and may be detectable even through thicker materials. Keep in mind that there are multiple shades of nude bras. You should select a bra color that is similar to your skin tone for the least noticeable look.

When it comes to buying bras that you can wear with any garment, nude bras can be more versatile than bras in deep or bright colors. Even bras in relatively pale colors may still be visible under some clothing. While it is not a strict rule that you have to hide your bra, many women prefer a subtle look, particularly when selecting bras to wear with everyday, formal or professional outfits.

Colorful Accents or Subtle Styling

Visible bra straps and outlines have gone in and out of style over the years. While a visible bra can be distracting, this style can be more or less appropriate for certain activities. For instance, a dark or colorful bra that is visible through clothing could pose less of an issue while you are working out. Once you know how to find bra size, you may want to consider ordering more than one bra. Black, nude and colorful bras can be suitable for different outfits and occasions.

If you want your bra to stay hidden, a nude-colored bra that matches your skin tone is the safest bet under a white t-shirt or other light-colored clothing. A black bra can be ideal for wearing under black or dark clothing, especially items that could be see-through based on lighting conditions or other factors. Sometimes a visible black or colorful bra can be a fashion statement. When shopping for bras, it is a good idea to consider whether each shade is more likely to blend in or stand out.