Known for the Golden Gate Bridge and captivating seaside views, San Francisco is California’s 4th largest city. It is a great place to start fresh and improve your living standards. With plenty of startups and business freedom, San Francisco ranks as the #1 city to start a small business. Not only that, but it also ranks as the 5th happiest bay area city. If you’re planning to move here, there are many benefits you can enjoy.

However, everything isn’t sunshine and roses. With around 32,000 people leaving San Francisco in the last few years, there may also be some complaints to address. Regardless, San Francisco isn’t America’s 17th-largest city for nothing! But before you move here, it would be best to know all you can. There will be countless things that will excite you, and some may also be a bummer.

So, read ahead to gain an objective view of this city, manage your expectations, and prepare for your move accordingly.

Moving here is tricky

San Francisco is a tricky terrain to navigate if you aren’t a local. With its steep hills and narrow streets, this city’s roads are not the friendliest to newcomers. Your moving truck can struggle to climb the vertical terrain and face difficulty finding space with San Francisco’s complex parking rules.

Planning your route and navigating San Francisco’s rugged roads alone is more trouble than it’s worth. To avoid these issues, you can benefit from hiring the help of a local moving company. They can easily take the least busy roads and get you the parking space you would’ve struggled to get by yourself.

Now, you must be wondering, how do I find trusted san francisco movers near me? When you visit the city to finalize your new home, you can search online or ask the new neighbors to find trustworthy moving companies like Upline. You can get full-service moving, including last-minute moves. You can let the professionals handle all the heavy lifting and packaging while you enjoy a hassle-free move. However, it would be best to research and get an accurate quote to set your moving budget accordingly.

Confusing cool weather

San Francisco typically remains chill at 60 degrees all year round, with colder winters dropping the temperature to the upper 40s. You may be surprised to know that summers here are like winters. Even during the hottest months, like June and July, San Francisco residents keep their jackets nearby in case it gets too chilly.

However, San Francisco’s weather can also be unpredictable. You’ll see a brilliant foggy morning. Then suddenly, it’ll be bright and sunny with the temperature jumping to the 80s. Nonetheless, you won’t be packing your shorts and sleeveless shirts during this move. Instead, stock up on warm jackets and layers that keep you warm.

Diverse neighborhoods

There’s a neighborhood for every kind of person in San Francisco. It ranks as the 11th most diverse city, home to many ethnicities. This diversity gives birth to a rich culture full of various cuisines, art, and activities for the locals to enjoy.

It contains neighborhoods such as:


Home to around 80% of Asians, it is the second largest Chinatown outside of Asia, with more than 100,000 people populating it. This neighborhood contains rich history and culture of Chinese immigrants to North America since they established it in 1848. It is a popular tourist attraction because of its delectable cuisine, vibrant streets, and quaint shops.

Mission District: 

Home to the oldest building in San Francisco, the Mission San Francisco de Asís, the Mission District is full of historical buildings and vibrant murals. These dynamic artworks tell stories of the community’s history, struggles, and cultural heritage.

Filmore District: 

This area is known for its rich musical history. It also is a great place to experience African American culture, with 39.8% of residents identifying as African-American. You can satisfy your inner music lover by visiting live music venues, an opera, or a ballet performance.

Traffic is a nightmare

Before moving to San Francisco, you should prepare for long hours on the road. Traffic here is 5th worst in America. You might even spend 59 hours stuck in traffic per year! Unsurprisingly, a city with a dense population of 3,328,000 creates massive traffic jams. Though the city has started adding more bus lanes to compensate for its overcrowded public transport, you should learn how to dodge traffic like a pro if you plan on moving to San Francisco.

The first step is to avoid rush hours:

  • 7:00 am to 9:00 am
  • 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Try to stay back a bit late after you get off from the office or leave early. Find ways to kill time to avoid getting stuck in never-ending traffic. Always check for traffic updates on Google Maps, and avoid taking main roads like Marina Boulevard or 880 South. Instead, map out back roads or alternative paths to avoid most traffic.

Karl The Fog

San Francisco is a relatively foggy city with around 108 cloudy days yearly. These fogs typically appear around summer, which San Franciscans playfully nicknamed ‘The June Gloom’ or ‘Fogust.’ Speaking of naming fogs, San Francisco has an unofficial weather mascot called Karl The Fog. It started as a parody account in 2010 and, since then, has amassed 356,600 followers on Twitter.

The beloved Fog got its name from the 2003 movie Big Fish. It references the character of the misunderstood giant from the film, which can be a reference to the Fog’s immense size. Karl is a crucial part of San Francisco’s culture, and residents wouldn’t have it any other way, with 70% of San Franciscans voting they were Team Karl.


San Francisco is full of amazing people you would love to get to know. It is a welcoming city that has a place for everyone within. This city is a different world of vibrant activities, challenges, and adventure. You’re not just moving to a new city; you’re moving to a new culture.

So if you’re looking for a place to belong, San Francisco might be the perfect place to call home.