Montana Helena Klein Yao is the wife of American basketball player Malik Beasley. She has not gained fame just as the spouse of the NBA star but has also established herself as a social media star and model. Montana Helena Klein Yao was born on August 5, 1997, at Hoag Hospital Newport Beach, New Port Beach, California, USA.

Montana’s parents are Paul Yao, a Chinese-American, while her mother is Gina Klein. Her father is a businessman, lifestyle coach, and mentor, while her mother is a businesswoman. They own a company that produces cardholders, hardware, and luxury pouch, among other things.


Montana Helena Klein Yao studied at Maranatha High School before transferring to Malibu High School and graduated in 2015. However, it is unclear if she continued with her education to the college level.


Besides the attention that Montana Helena Klein Yao has attracted due to her husband, she had a life and a career before him and was famous. She started modeling when she was a teen. At 18, Montana Helena Klein Yao participated in the Malibu Teen beauty contest, a competition she won.

After winning her first competition, Montana Helena Klein Yao participated in more beauty contests. She was in the Miss California USA contest; however, things did not work her way, but she was among the top 10. Montana has also tried rapping; she shared some rapping skits on social media platforms but has yet to pursue a music career.

Despite having made an impact and winning her first beauty contest in 2015, her modeling career has never been the same since she started focusing on other things, including raising her children.

Montana’s Love Life

Montana Helena Klein Yao met Malik Beasley in 2018 and started dating. They had their first child together a year later, but they started experiencing some issues in 2020. Montana Helena Klein Yao accused Malik Beasley of cheating on him with another woman; pictures of him with Larsa had surfaced on the internet.

Montana Yao filed for divorce in November 2020. At the time of the separation, she raised her son Makai alone. However, in early 2022, Montana Helena Klein Yao reconciled, and now they are parents to two children; the second born was born in November 2022.

Her Partner

Montana Yao’s partner plays football for Los Angeles Lakers under the National Basketball Association (NBA). He studied at Saint Francis School, where he played basketball, then joined Florida State University and continued playing the game. Montana’s partner did not complete his college degree as he presented his name for the NBA draft in 2016.

Malik Beasley joined Denver Nuggets and played for them for four years before he joined Minnesota Timberwolves in February 2020. Montana’s partner played for Utah Jazz for a few months, but he now plays basketball with Los Angeles Lakers.

Social Media

Montana Helena Klein Yao is active on all social media platforms. But she likes sharing on Instagram, where she enjoys a good following; Montana Helena Klein Yao has over 100k followers. She also has a LinkedIn profile.