Loanne Parker was the second wife of Dutch entrepreneur Colonel Tom Parker. Her husband is known for serving as the manager of American singer Elvis Presley. Loanne Parker was born on July 11, 1935, to her parents, Mary and Paul Miller, in Covington, Ohio, United States of America. She grew up and went to elementary and high school in Ohio.

After high school, Loanne Parker joined Miami Jacobs Business College, where she pursued a business course. Soon she started working in a business enterprise called Superior Steel and S&H Green Stamps in Ohio before relocating to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Life in Las Vegas

After moving to Las Vegas, Loanne Parker landed a job at International Hotel, where she worked as an advertising and publicity director’s secretary. While working at the hotel, she interacted with high-profile celebrities, including singers and music entrepreneurs. In 1968, Loanne Parker met Colonel Tom Parker, who then was the manager of Elvis Presley.

When Loanne Parker met, Colonel Parker was married to his first wife Marie Mott; they had issues as she did not love the show business and Parker could not talk to her about music. However, Colonel Parker loved Marie Mott. After their first encounter, Loanne Parker and Colonel Tom Parker continued working together.

In the 1970s, Loanne Parker worked with RCA Records and was assigned to Colonel Tom Parker as her secretary. She also worked as the tour secretary for Elvis Presley. Loanne Parker had a close relationship with Elvis Presley, and she loved him and always showed up at his concerts.

Love Life

Not much is known of Loanne Parker’s college love story. Besides, after completing college, she worked in Ohio for some time, and it is unclear if she dated anyone. When Loanne Parker moved to Las Vegas, she was very close to Colonel Parker, but they did not get married until 1990, four years after the death of Colonel Parker’s first wife.

Upon the death of Marie Mott, Loanne Parker was there to support Colonel, and they fell in love. Loanne and her husband stayed married until 1997 when Colonel died of a stroke.

Her Husband

Loanne Parker’s husband was born in the Netherlands as Andreas Cornelis van Kuijk. When he was 20, he entered the United States of America as an illegal immigrant and changed his name to Thomas Andrew Parker. He did several odd jobs to earn a living before moving into show business in the late 1930s.

Loanne’s husband started working with singers like Gene Austin; he helped him sell over 80 million records making good money himself, but he wasted on a lavish lifestyle. He later worked with singer Elvis Presley and ensured his success in the music industry; they were very close. Despite their differences, they worked together until Elvis Presley died in 1977.

Is Loanne Parker Alive?

Loanne Parker is not alive; she died on May 9, 2020. The cause of her death was never revealed; she had a significant impact on the community and will be remembered by family and friends for her influence.