Juanita Naima Grubbs was the ex-wife of the famous saxophonist John Coltrane. She had accumulated prominence after getting married to him. However, John married her with her 5 years old daughter from her prior marriage. But Juanita has always been an inspirational personality beside John and supported him in achieving his goals.

The content will explain who Juanita Naima Grubbs was and how she earned proficiency. Along with her, a concise section is adjourned about her ex-husband.

Early Life And Family

Juanita Naima Grubbs was born on 2nd January 1926. Who were Juanita’s parents? Did she have any siblings? Till now, no such information can be accumulated to provide a precise answer to these questions. Nevertheless, John also never appeared with any relevant statements about her family.

Personal Life

Juanita Naima Grubbs was the first wife of John Coltrane. The couple met at the residence of bassist Steve Davis in Philadelphia. They tied the knot on 3rd October 1955. However, after their marriage, John adopted Juanita’s daughter Saeeda.

John was deeply in love with Juanita. In honor of her, John composed a love ballad that inspired global audiences. Moreover, Juanita had calm spirituality and enlightened John in his vocation and decisions.


In 1996 John and Juanita officially parted ways. After her, John wedded Alice McLeod. They also had three children, John Jr., Ravi, and Oran. According to sources, John was more comfortable with Alice as she knew what a musician required to advance in life.

Juanita’s Ex-husband And His Net Worth

John William Coltrane, professionally known as John Coltrane, was a saxophonist and composer from America. He was born on 23rd September 1926 in Hamlet, North Carolina, U.S. Before serving as a musician; John had participated in the United States Military Service. His prominent participation in several wars benefited him in winning the World War II Victory Medal and Asiatic–Pacific Campaign Medal.

Since childhood, John has been very interested in music. During his military career, he participated in a military band but never overlooked his responsibility toward the country. Moreover, John, with his Navy band members, recorded their first-ever composition in 1946. John collaborated with musicians like Miles Davis and Thelonious Monk and released several albums.

In 1997 John Coltrane was felicitated with the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. However, in 2007 he won the special Pulitzer Prize. John’s co-musician Robert Palmer put forward a documentary about him, “The World According to John Coltrane,” in 1990. In 2016 director John Scheinfeld convened a movie, “Chasing Trane: The John Coltrane Documentary.” This movie explains the distinctive junctures of John’s career and his personal life.

At the time of his death, John Coltrane had a net worth of around 500 thousand dollars.


Due to a heart attack, Juanita Naima Grubbs took her last breath on 1st October 1996.

Juanita’s Net Worth

Detecting Juanita’s net worth is impossible as her mode of income is still unknown. Also, the personality isn’t alive. So ignoring this subject about her total assets is better without conveying anything inaccurate.


The above sections of the article are all about Juanita Naima Grubbs. Her supportive nature insisted her husband present a jazz ballad for Juanita. Nonetheless, to attain some more notifications about such personalities, keep scrolling this website.