Mahmoud Gharachedaghi is a proud father and grandfather, best known for being the father of Golnesa Gharachedaghi, who stars on the hit reality TV show “Shahs of Sunset”. While he may not be in the public eye as much as his daughter, Mahmoud has had a full life with a fascinating background. In this article, we will explore his childhood, family, career, and more.

Mahmoud Gharachedaghi’s Childhood

we do not have much information about Mahmoud’s childhood. It is unclear where he was born, when he was born, and what his early life was like. However, we do know that he has at least one sibling, a daughter named Leila.


Mahmoud has one known sibling, his daughter Leila Gharachedaghi. It is unclear whether he has any other siblings.


Mahmoud’s most well-known child is his daughter Golnesa, who was born on November 27, 1981. She is also known as “GG” and has gained fame through her appearances on the reality show “Shahs of Sunset”. She has been open about her struggles with rheumatoid arthritis and a difficult divorce from her ex-husband, Shalom Yeruoshalmi. Mahmoud also has other children, but we do not have any information about them.


Mahmoud is a proud grandfather to Elijah Javad Gharachedaghi, the son of Golnesa. Elijah was born on April 27, 2021, and is the first grandchild in the family.

Mahmoud Gharachedaghi’s Career And Achievements

While we do not know much about Mahmoud’s career, we do know that he has accomplished a lot as a father and grandfather. He has supported his daughter Golnesa through her struggles with rheumatoid arthritis and has been a constant presence in her life. Mahmoud is also proud of his grandson Elijah and loves spending time with him.

More About Mahmoud Gharachedaghi

we do not have much more information about Mahmoud Gharachedaghi beyond his family relationships. However, it is clear that he is a loving and supportive father and grandfather who has made a positive impact on the lives of his loved ones. We wish him and his family all the best in their future endeavors.

In conclusion, while Mahmoud Gharachedaghi may not be a household name, his role as a father and grandfather is a crucial one. His love and support for his daughter and grandson is clear, and we can only hope that their family bond continues to grow stronger with time.