Jacqueline Benlein rose to fame as the former spouse of the American sports celebrity Bob Golic. Benlein’s ex-husband, Golic, is a retired national footballer who played for the defense tackle position. After giving up on his national American football career, Golic became a sports interpreter and analyst.

In this article, you will read more about the first wife of Bob Golic, Jacqueline Benlein, their relation, and more.

Family Relationship Of Jacqueline Benlein

Jacqueline Benlein met her ex-husband Robert Perry Golic, popularly known as Bob Golic, in his initial days of competing in national American football. The former Golic couple walked down the aisle on June 25, 1983, in a small ceremony and read their vows to each other among their immediate family, a small group of close friends, and well-wishers.

Jacqueline Benlein formerly Golic, shares a son, Gale Golic, with Bob Golic. Benlein and Golic spent their life together for more than a decade before splitting up in October of 1994. Even after their separation Benlein remains close friends with her former in-laws. She has a great rapport with the younger siblings of Golic and their children, including Mike and Greg Golic.

Early Life & Education Of Bob Golic

Louis Robert and Dorothy Golic welcomed their eldest son Bob Golic, born as Robert Perry Golic, on October 26, 1957. Bob later had two younger brothers Greg Golic and Mike Golic Sr. Bob Golic’s forefathers were from a South Slavic ethnic group who were Slovenian natives.

The oldest Golic brother, Bob, graduated from the Villa Angela-St. Joseph High School of Cleveland, Ohio, where he played football for his school team. Robert “Bob” Golic later got a chance to study in a private Catholic research university which is in Indiana called Notre Dame du Lac because of athletic scholarship.

Bob Golic’s Career In Sports

Bob Golic followed in his father’s footsteps to play national football. Bob’s dad, Louis Robert Golic competed in Canadian Football League for seven years during the primary years of his eldest son’s life.

Bob Golic competed in the American National Football League for 14 years, starting from his national debut with The New England Patriots in 1979. Golic then became a player for the Cleveland Browns from the 1982 season and continued for seven years. For his last four years on the national stage, Golic switched over to Los Angeles Raiders.

Awards Won Bob Golic During His Football Career

Robert Perry “Bob” Golic was named the Best American Football Player, otherwise known as Pro Bowler, for 3 consecutive seasons that is 1985, 1986 and 1987, by the National Football League.

Net Worth Of Bob Golic

According to well-known sources, the 65-year-old Bob Golic has amassed a fortune of $1.5 million during his football career.

Life Of Benlein’s Ex-Partner After Football

After his retirement from professional football in 1993, Benlein’s former husband, Bob Golic wed his second wife Karen Baughman, a professional ballerina, on February 24, 1996. Golic met his current wife, Karen, when he played for the Raiders. Baughman was then a cheerleader for Bob’s team. The Golic couple have two daughters Jenna and Tawnie.


Jacqueline Benlein came under the media limelight after her marriage to Robert Perry Golic, a former American football player. Even after their divorce, Benlein is close to her previous partner’s current family.