Louwana Miller was a loving mother who devoted her life to raising her daughter, Amanda Berry. Despite the many challenges she faced, Louwana remained a steadfast and supportive presence in Amanda’s life. Her tragic death in March 2006 was a devastating loss for Amanda and her family, but her memory continues to inspire and uplift those who knew her.

Louwana Miller’s Early Life

Louwana Miller was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. She was a hardworking and dedicated woman who valued her family above all else. Louwana’s childhood was not without its struggles, but she persevered and developed a deep sense of resilience that would serve her well in life.

Parents and Siblings

Not much is known about Louwana Miller’s parents or siblings. However, it is clear that her family played an important role in shaping her character and instilling in her a sense of compassion and strength.


Louwana’s greatest joy in life was her daughter, Amanda Berry. Amanda was born in 1986 and was the light of Louwana’s life. Despite the challenges of being a single mother, Louwana was fiercely devoted to Amanda and did everything in her power to provide her with a stable and loving home.

Louwana Miller’s Career and Achievements

Louwana Miller did not have a high-profile career, but she was a hardworking and dedicated employee who took pride in her work. Her greatest achievements, however, were her unwavering love and support for her daughter Amanda.

More About Louwana Miller

Louwana Miller’s life was tragically cut short in March 2006 when she passed away after a long battle with illness. Her death was a devastating blow to her family and friends, but her memory continues to live on. In particular, her daughter Amanda has honored her mother’s legacy by sharing her story of survival and resilience.

Amanda’s book, “Hope: A Memoir of Survival in Cleveland,” chronicles her kidnapping and captivity, as well as her eventual escape and return to her family. Throughout the book, Amanda emphasizes the love and support that her mother provided, even during the darkest moments of her ordeal.

Louwana Miller may no longer be with us, but her legacy lives on through her daughter and the countless others who have been inspired by her strength and resilience. Her love for her daughter was a powerful force that sustained them both through the most difficult of times, and her memory will continue to inspire others to never give up hope.