Lucian Augustus Coppola Cage is the 8-year-old son of Weston Coppola and Danielle Cage. Weston Coppola Cage is an actor and producer known for his role in Drive Angry, Joe, and Lord of War. Lucian Augustus is the grandson of the celebrated Hollywood star Nicolas Cage. Nicolas Cage’s son followed in his father’s footsteps in acting and music production. Born in a family with a long line of actors, Lucian Augustus leaves his father’s fans wondering if he will fall far from the tree.

Has he already begun acting? This post lets you learn more about Lucian Augustus and his father’s career path.

Lucian Augustus Early Life

Weston Cage Personal Life

Weston is the son of the famous Nicolas Cage and his first wife, Christina Fulton. As early as he was 13, Weston had already featured in some of his father’s movies, including Lord of War and Rage. Over the years, he has exploited his father’s assistance in the world of films. He has had leading roles in comedies, science fiction, and romantic movies.

Weston is 29 years old, has been divorced twice, and is currently married to Hila Aronia. He was first married to Nikki Williams, then Danielle Cage, with whom they had the son featured in this post. Weston and Cage separated in 2016.

Weston Cage Music Career

Weston revealed in his blog that he formed a black metal band’ Eyes of Noctum’ with his friend Alex Stefan Bica. They produced an album titled Eye of Noctum that was a success in the world of black metal music. The band fell apart in 2011 due to personal differences, and Weston took on a solo career with the stage name Wes Cage. He invented his brand of black metal, which he called Ghost metal. He has since released albums and singles that have rocked the metal world; his highlight hit being a collaboration with his father, Black Sun Damascus. He does movie soundtracks to earn more royalties.

 Weston Cage Acting Career

He has appeared in many movies since he was a kid, and he’s doing well in charting his path in the movie industry. His notable appearances were Luke Warson in 211, Vladimir in Lord of War, and Patton Maxwell in Get Gone. Some of his tracks that have featured as movie soundtracks in various movies include: Annihilate in the film Joe, Black Sun Damascus in Dog Eat Dog, Drive Angry in the film Drive Angry and Divination in Vengeance: A Love Story.

Weston Cage Criminal Record

Like most Hollywood stars, Weston has been a magnet for trouble and has found himself on the wrong side of the law severally. In the past, Weston has been charged with drunk driving and was once a subject of a wild police chase that saw him crash into a tree. He was also caught on camera in a heated altercation with a trainer in Hollywood, which led to his arrest and booking into a mental hospital.

Wrapping Up

The Cage family seems to be making more actors and musicians, and even though the latest member, Lucian Augustus, isn’t of age to make a choice, we can only hope he graces our screens one day.