Francisco Stanley Solis was the son of the late Paco Stanley, a Mexican television personality and entertainer who worked for Televisa and TV Azteca. Paco Stanley and Maria Solis, his first wife, were gifted with their son, Francisco Solis, in 1968, but he passed on in 1993 aged 25. His family didn’t reveal the cause of the young man’s death.

So what was it inside Francisco’s famous dad’s life, and what was the cause of his death? Also, does Francisco Solis has siblings? Keep reading to find more information.

Francisco Stanley Solis Early Life and Siblings

Francisco Stanley Solis was born in Mexico in 1968 to Maria Solis and Paco Stanley. There is not much information about the life of Francisco on the websites. His mother was the first wife of Paco Stanley, and he was their only child. However, Francisco has siblings from his father’s second marriage and one partner. The three siblings include Francisco Stanley Pedroza, Leslie Stanley Pedroza, and Paul Stanley Durruty, an actor. What led to his father’s success?

Paco Stanley

Paco Stanley was born in Mexico City, Mexico, on 3 July 1942 and was of Mexican nationality. He was a law graduate from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. However, he seems to have chosen a different career path as a TV and News presenter, comedian, politician, and poet. His political party was the Institutional Revolutionary Party. Since television is what got him famous, let’s take a look at his journey.

Paco Stanley Career

In 1966, Stanley’s father-in-law paid for his radio and elocution classes. He started working in radio in 1969, moving to television programs like XEW News to host the show Smiles and Surprises later on. He in Estrellas W too. After working as a sidekick for comedians for several years, Stanley was offered his own show on Televisa ¡Andale! alongside Benito Castro and Arlette Garibay. His other shows with Mario Bezarez were Llevatelo and Pacatelas. He hosted the comic version of Un Poco de Paco en radio in 1998.

Stanley left Televisa for TV Azteca in 1998, where he started his show Una tras otra starring Mario Bezares and Jorge Gil. In 1999, Stanley launched the nighttime show Si hay, y bien!

He liked poetry and recorded three albums with his poems over the years. Another passion of his was theatre. He starred in the comic version of the play Don Juan Tenorio and toured around Mexico with the show.

Paco Stanley Personal Life

Paco first married Maria Solis, with whom they had a son, Francisco. Several years later, he married Patricia Pedroza and got two children, Francisco and Leslie Pedroza. Paco had an extramarital relationship with Monica Durruty and had a son, Paul Stanley.

Paco Stanley Death

Paco died on 7 June 1999. After their morning show, he left the TV Azteca studios with Jorge Gil and Mario Bezares to eat in a famous Mexican restaurant. After finishing, he stepped out to wait for Jorge in his car. Three subjects walked to the car and fired more than 20 rounds, killing Stanley with four shots. Jorge Jil and some bystanders escaped with injuries.

Wrapping Up

Paco Stanley and his family did a great job keeping their private lives out of the limelight. For the fans of television shows, you can always catch up on Paco Stanley’s classics for some fun time.