Lisa Katherina Larouchette is the daughter of John Larouchette, a notable actor and model who starred in Night Court. Due to her role as Dan Fielding in the TV show Night Court, the multiple award-winning and nominated performers became known.

As a result of John Larroquette’s enormous popularity, the public has turned its attention to his daughter Lisa Katherina Larroquette. The effects of John Larroquette’s fame then spread to the Katherina Larroquette family. As a result, people are interested in Lisa Katherina Larroquette, John Larroquette’s daughter.

Education, Personal Life, And Career

Lisa Katherina Larroquette’s earliest stay in high school details is unknown, as is the narrative of her personal life. Similarly, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the online information about Lisa. She is 49 years old, according to a profile on a social networking website, and currently lives in Vancouver, Washington. She finished the last year of her life going to Portland, Oregon. Keri moved to Victoria, Oregon, after graduating from The Viewpoint School in 1988. Even though neither Keri’s past nor her family history is reported, she is thought to descend from a relatively wealthy family.

Parents of Lisa Katherina

John Larroquette and Elizabeth Larroquette are his parents. When working on their first theater production Enter Laughing in 1974, Larroquette met his future wife, Elizabeth Ann Cookson. They married on July 4, 1975, because it was the only day off between performances. The couple has received praise for enduring as one of the few high-profile pairs that have lasted for many years. They married in 2022 and have been together for 47 years.


Lisa Laraquette’s brothers are Jonathan Larroquette and Benjamin Larroquette. Jonathan Larroquette, her older brother, is a writer and film director who has directed films like Payne (1999), Happy Family (2003), and Wednesday Again (2008). Her younger brother, Benjamin, has a penchant for entertainment and is in the right place if he wishes to change the world for the better.

Net Worth of Lisa Katherina Larroquette

It’s too difficult to comment on Lisa Katherina’s profession since her athletics are not disclosed, and the low number of sources that support the information is inconsistent. It is also directly linked to the fact that she’s the daughter of a famous actress. According to some third-party sources, her net worth is estimated to be $200,000.

Family Fun Fact of Lisa Larroquette

Lisa’s father has been open about one thing: his alcohol addiction. This man struggled with substance abuse for approximately twenty years, beginning in the 70s. Fortunately, he got sober in 1982 after making a significant effort.

Final Thought

Lisa Katherina Larroquette’s parents managed to keep her personal information hidden, and as an adult, she has worked to keep her personal information out of public life. As a result, information available about her life is entirely online.