Lee Russell Bennington was born in Phoenix, Arizona, on March 5, 1942. He was the father of Chester Bennington, the lead singer of the band Linkin Park who committed suicide in 2017. Lee was a vet of the Vietnam War and worked as a Police officer for many years. He worked with addiction and mental health issues later in life. This article will look closely at Lee Russell Bennington’s life and how he influenced his son Chester’s music career.

Early Life of Lee Russell Bennington

Lee Russell Bennington was born in Phoenix, Arizona, on March 05, 1942. He was the son of George Bennington and Violet Lee Bennington. His father toiled as a car salesman while his mother stayed at home to raise him and his two sisters. Lee’s parents divorced when he was just three years old. He would go on to have a problematic relationship with his father.

Lee served in the Vietnam War and later became a Police officer. He was married three times and had six children, including Chester Bennington. Lee struggled with addiction and mental health issues throughout his life.

Influence on Chester’s Music Career

Chester Bennington was very close to his father, even though they had a problematic relationship. Lee was a significant influence on Chester’s music career. It wasLee who introduced Chester to heavy metal music. He would take Chester to see Metallica and other metal bands perform live. Chester has said that his father’s love for metal music is what led him to become a musician himself.

Lee was also a big supporter of Chester’s music career. When Chester started, Lee would drive him to gigs and help him load his equipment. He continued to support Chester even after he achieved success with Linkin Park.

The career of Lee Russell Bennington

Chester Bennington’s father was very different from that his famous son. A career military man, Lee rose to the rank of Colonel in the United States Air Force. He was a decorated pilot and served his country for many years.

Though he never achieved the same level of fame as Chester, Lee was a well-respected man in his own right. He was a loving father and spouse and was always there for his family.

Chester Bennington’s death came as a shock to the world. The young rockstar had everything going for him. He was talented, successful, and loved by millions of fans. But behind the scenes, Chester struggled with demons he could never shake.

Lee Russell Bennington was the father Chester never had the chance to know, honestly. But in his way, he helped shape the man Chester would become. And for that, we will always be grateful. Thank you, Lee. Rest in peace.

Net Worth of Lee Russell Bennington

Lee Russell Bennington had an estimated net worth of $50 million.

He made money from his military career, investments, and real estate.

He was a decorated pilot and served his country for many years.

Lee passed away in 2013, just a few years before Chester tragically took his own life. Though they could never reconcile their differences, Chester always loved and respected his father. In many ways, he was the man Chester strived to be.