You may know John Thomas Gelder through his wife Chloe Webb, a celebrated American Actress. She was honored for her significant roles, such as in the musical Twins, the part of a designer in the film The Belly of an Architect, and Sid and Nancy.

Laura Barber’s role in the television series China Beach helped her garner several awards for her acting, including the Primetime Emmy Award for Supporting Actress in a Drama Series and the Critics’ Choice Award for the Best Guest Actor in a Series. She also received a Supporting Actress Award from the Society of Film Critics for her role in Shameless and a Television Critics Association Award for Guest Actress in a Drama Series.

Personal Life of John Thomas Gelder

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Chloe was born on June 25, 1956, in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of New York City. She primarily lived with her grandmother and spent much of her younger years traveling with her father, a bridge and road designer.

Early Life and Career

John has kept his personal affairs to themselves and has hardly a dull moment. He is a professional lawyer.

On the other hand, Chloe studied at Harvard University in high school. At 16, she attended the New England Conservatory of Music before pursuing her passion for music at the Berklee College of Music.

She was replaced in New York City in 1982. She got a role in Forbidden Broadway, an off-broadway parody of musical theatre, because of her mimicry expertise in the production. Five years later, she received an acting role in the film Sid & Nancy.

Amanda Peet has starred in many TV shows, including Two and a Half Men, Judging Amy, and CBS Shows Two. Throughout 2019, she guest starred in Shameless as Monica Gallagher, winning her an Outstanding Guest Performer in a Drama Series trophy from the Critics Choice Awards.

She continued to entertain as a Hollywood theater community member while on ABC shows and films. She won multiple awards on Broadway, commending her acting and performance abilities.

She last appeared in an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit in 2019.

She has acted in several plays, namely Kaddish and The Kentucky Derby.

Net Worth of John Thomas Gelder

It is estimated that John Thomas Gelder has a net worth of $500 thousand. This is primarily because he is a professional lawyer.

However, his wife Chloe Webb’s net worth is significantly higher at around $15 million. This can be attributed to her long and successful career in Hollywood.

Wrapping Up

John has been married to Chloe for 47 years. Despite her being a celebrity, he has maintained a low profile. Very little information is known about him.

Chloe is also a private person, explaining why she is not active on social media. She has never been part of any rumors or controversies.