Writing an essay for the first time might not seem so hard to challenge. You are full of inspiration, because this process is new to you, in other words, you never stuck your head with unnecessary information before. But what should students do if they are not first-year students and doing dozens of essays in a row? Some of them ask essay writing service as essayshark.com for help and source of ideas for further essays.

In this list, we want to share with you life hacks from experienced students to generate ideas for new essays easily, and you’ll never have an academic writing process too hard anymore.

1. Brainstorm

If you are looking for insights, start a brainstorming session. Remember that there are no silly ideas. Write down anything, because every idea is good.

No idea is rejected as being too complicated, not complex enough, too far off-topic. You can always clean up your list later. It’s better to note a few failures now than to ignore ideas that might be useful for you in the future. A pen and notebook may be all you need to get started, but a note-taking app like OneNote can help sort out your ideas.

Group brainstorming is a bit different. Try Dragon Dictation to record and transcribe your conversations as you bounce ideas one from another. Google Docs can save documents to the disk, so everyone gets access to the list when they need it. You will find that with brainstorming sessions, the ideas come quickly.

2. Look at your life story

Use the relevant experience of your life in writing your essays. Share the points that you know, and other people do not. What things do you understand what another person might not understand? Do you have any specialized knowledge when it comes to the subject?

Something you understand or that you know how to do can be a great topic for a process essay. An experience you had can be nurtured for a narrative essay. Give a unique point of view to the audience. You might hesitate and show too much prejudice or ignore proof in favor of your personal story. Don’t allow yourself to do this! As a bonus, you will notice that you are writing much more quickly when you are relating a story from your life.

3. Stream-of-consciousness writing

Freewriting is a stream-of-consciousness exercise where you write down anything that comes into your mind. In any case, make the process a little more disciplined. Instead of writing anything, stick with a general subject area that is defined on the subject you are studying in class.

As you start freewriting, you may be surprised at the amount of thoughts you have on the topic you are looking for, and the amount of knowledge you have kept. Soon you will see your writings become more and more focused. This is a good sign that you are concentrating on the specific topic idea for your essay. Even better, you may find a few things that you can paste almost directly into your essay.

4. Begin with a generic essay topic

The truth is you may not generate a brilliant essay idea every time you have a task to write an assignment. Although, that does not mean you will not write an excellent essay. You can still write any assignment that is well thought, researched, and written carefully.

Many essays are written by students who have excellent grades, but they didn’t choose the wow topics for it. It’s better to write an essay on a less exciting topic than to turn it into difficulty because you spent too much time searching for something unusual.

5. Read your textbook

Perhaps, you learned that the best way to study for quizzes and tests is to focus on the subtitles, bullet points, pictures, chapter questions, and graphs. If you are trying to go with a good essay topic, you should also review these. They will remind you which elements are most important.

If you write your essay on something that is accented in your notes, there is a good chance you are on the right path. You will know that your topic is actual, and you can impress your professor by displaying your in-depth knowledge of that topic.


We hope with these useful hacks you will be inspiring enough for great essay ideas. Start succeeding in college today!