Ruby Bridges, the prominent American civil rights activist, is the daughter of Abon Bridges. In most cases, kids become celebrities because of their parents. In Abon’s case, it is the complete opposite. He became popular courtesy of his child.

She is a legend in history. Ruby was the first African American to end a policy of racial segregation in the all-White William Frantz Elementary School in Louisiana. She left her historical footprint during the New Orleans schools desegregation crisis on the 14th of November 1960.

So, who was the father of the child of made history in African American society? Read on to find out everything about his life and family.

Personal Details

Abon Bridges was born on the 20th of January 1931. He grew up in Tylertown, Walthall County, Mississippi, USA. His mother was Ezell Bridges and Beatrice Cowart was his mother.

Abon was not an only child. He was the big brother of Lela Mae Bridges. Unfortunately, they both passed away. Abon died in 1978 while his sister followed a few years later in 2006.

The popular father has other kids besides Ruby. He was a father of two daughters and two sons. Their names were Ruby Bridges, Michael Bridges, Joana Bridges, and Malcolm Bridges.

 Abon Bridges and Lucille’s Life

Lucille Bridges was the wife of Abon. Their marriage took place in 1953. However, their marital union ended in the 1960s.

During their life together, Lucile and her husband were sharecropping farmers. Initially, they lived with their family in Mississippi. At some point, they relocated to New Orleans, where Abon worked as a gas station attendant. The main reason for moving was so that the family could find a better school district.

In an interview, Lucille said, “we decided to leave so that we could make it better.” She wanted her kids to have it better than what Lucille and Abon had as children.

About Ruby Bridges Changing History

As stated earlier, Ruby was the first Black American student to desegregate her elementary school in New Orleans. It is part of the reason she became an iconic civil rights activist. They were given a test for admission to an all-White school.

A New Orleans mayor, Latoya Cantrell, reported that Abon was initially hesitant about enrolling his daughter in the All-White elementary school. He was afraid for the safety of his daughter. However, Lucille insisted as she wanted her daughter to pursue the kind of education she never received.

Two heavily armed police marshals escorted Ruby too and from school every day, for a whole year. After the incident, Ruby’s family suffered for being brave. Abon was fired from his job. Lucille was banned from buying groceries from stores. The family was evicted from the farm that had been their home for over 25 years.

Abon Bridges’ Death

Abon passed away at the age of 47 in New Orleans. The family is yet to reveal the cause of his death. Ruby’s mother also died in 2020.

Final Thoughts

Abon Bridges’ family made history. Their bravery and courage will always be remembered.