Bentley Cadence Edwards was born shortly after Ryan Edwards met his girlfriend. You probably recognize Ryan from reality TV shows such as 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mon OG. The family of Bentley became gained fame after being on the show, 16 and Pregnant.

Most people know him for his infamous behavior on the show. He was incredibly irresponsible as a father. He left his teen and pregnant girlfriend to pursue his drug usage.

Currently, Ryan Edwards is a family man with a beautiful family. They have a blissful marriage together with his wife and three children, including Bentley Cadence Edwards. Let’s find out more about Cadence and his family.

Personal Details

Bentley Cadence Edwards was born on the 27th of October 2008. He is the son of the reality TV stars Ryan Edwards and Maci Bookout. He will be turning fifteen years old in 2023.

Bentley’s parents had only known each other for six months before his mother became pregnant. After the birth of their son, Ryan proposed to Maci and they became engaged.

However, things did not work out. The couple broke off their engagement in 2010. Their relationship had not been in a good place at the time of their engagement in 2009.

After all, Maci Bookout was only a sixteen-year-old girl when she had Bentley. At the time, the father’s child was an irresponsible guy. It is part of the reason the young couple had to separate.


Bentley Cadence Edwards has two half-sisters, Jayde McKinney, and Stella Edwards. He also has two half-brothers who go by Maverick McKinney and Jagger Edwards.

Bentley Cadence Edwards’s Parents

After Ryan and Maci’s relationship, it appears that Ryan got his life back together. He is now married to Taylor McKinney with whom they are happy. Similarly, Maci Bookout moved on and is married to Mackenzie Standifer. They also have a blissful marriage and other kids together.

Edwards and his current wife seem to have a good thing going on. The couple often shares photos of their family on social media. However, fans of 16 and Pregnant still view Ryan as an evil and irresponsible father who neglected his family.

As for Edwards and Maci, their relationship at the moment is distant. The two families had a public disagreement when their show had a reunion in 2021.

Education and Career

Bentley Cadence Edwards is about to turn fifteen years old. His family keeps details about his life a secret. They have never revealed anything about where he goes to school. As a result, it is impossible to deduce anything about his academic level and performance.

Since he is only a teenager, Bentley Cadence Edwards does not have any career either. So far, the family is yet to reveal information about his interests. He does not have any source of income or job just yet. Thus, his net worth is still zero.

On the other hand, Bentley’s parents are quite successful in their careers. His father, Ryan Edwards has a net worth ranging between one and five million dollars. Maci Bookout is also successful with a net worth of three million dollars.

Final Thoughts

Bentley Cadence Edwards’s life as a child had a rocky start. However, things seem to have changed with time and he lives a happy life with the support of both his parents.