Anthony Eric Strada was born in the United States on March 16, 1986. He is 37 years old. His parents are Rik Estrada and Peggy Rowe. He has three siblings: Brandon Estrada, Francesca Natalia Estrada, and Joshua Lee. They lived in East Harlem.

As Estrada grew up, he wanted to become a police officer, but after he grew up, he changed his career path and wanted to become an actor, and he became a famous actor.

 Personal life

Eric is a self-centered person. He has starred in and produced a tv movie that has made him famous countrywide: “Honey Boy”.It is said that Anthony was named after a drug company D.A.R.E which is against drugs. He also participates in non-profitable companies that help people get scholarships in California.

He is an American actor and a police officer. He has won awards for being a good participant in unknown areas.

Education and profession

Anthony Eric Strada was an actor as well as a policeman. He schooled in America Musical and Drama Academy. Eric had acted for many years before he did a television series. His acting became popular when he was selected to star as a streetwise character.

Erik has been discovered by many nations and generations and is known as “johnny” from the international series of Televisa. He is a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. Him being a police officer, which was his dream ever since childhood, he was allowed to join the ranks of law enforcement over ten years ago and was sworn in as a reserve police officer in the state of Indiana for two and a half years and was later transferred to Virginia.

There, he became an investigator in the department for eight years. He is now an officer in the Anthony police department in Idaho under the reserve department. He has also educated school-age children on the dangers of the internet and the effects that follow.

Anthony’s wife

Eric Strada has married three wives. In November 1979, he married Joyce Miler. They lived together for only one year and then divorced. In 1985-1990, he married Peggy Rowe, a songwriter, entertainment executive and producer. With the second wife, they were blessed with two kids: Anthony  Estrada and Brandon Michael-Paul Estrada.

In 1987, Estrada married Nanette, a film sound technician, and they had a daughter named Francesca Natalia, who is now married off to Giorgio Mastrota. They have a kid named Natalia Mastrota.

Net worth

Being both an actor, voice actor, and a police officer in several departments in California and the United States of America, he has attained roughly a net worth of $4 million.

Social media

Due to his good work and being a brand ambassador of Puerto Rican Photographer Astrid and high profile polo player, he has become popular all over social media. He has engaged himself in apps like Instagram and Facebook and has been able to post pictures of his children and wives.