People seem curious to know who Akio Bouillon is. But why did they come across as so interested in his life? However, this is because of his famous mother. To be very specific about his adoptive mother. He is the son of Josephine Baker. Just like him she and his husband had adopted 12 more children like them to provide them shelter and a good upbringing.

As the audience will proceed with the segments of this blog they will get to know more about Akio Bouillon. However, along with him, some additional information will also be added about her mother who made him known to the entire world.

Personal Life

Josephine Baker adopted 12 children from several corners of the country and named it her Rainbow Tribe. However, she took this step after 30 years of being a successful personality around the globe. Among those adoptive children, Akio Bouillon is one of them. His mother had adopted him from Japan. Apart from being the adoptive son of Josephine Baker, Akio doesn’t have any other recognition. Despite being the son of a famous personality he doesn’t like to reveal much about his personality, lifestyle, and so on.

Akio’s Mother And Her Net Worth

Who doesn’t know about Josephine Baker? She was a famous personality from America. She was a born entertainer and amused people with her dancing, singing, and acting. Freda Josephine McDonald AKA Josephine Baker was born on 3rd June 1906 in St. Louis, Missouri, U.S. She spent the first half of her life in the Mill Creek Valley neighborhood of St. Louis until her mother married Arthur Martin. At a very young age, Josephine started working as a domestic worker and faced several types of discrimination and violence because of her nationality. She had struggled a lot to reach the place where she was.

To pursue her dreams and to get work Josephine had begged in front of several people to step into the St. Louis Chorus vaudeville show. However, at the age of 13, she shifted to New York City and received a chance to showcase her talent at the Plantation Club, Florence Mills’ old stomping ground. However, one of her performances created a huge murmur around the city. This occurred in 1927 when she stepped forward toward the revue Un vent de folie event. Her costume which was made up of artificial bananas became an iconic portrayal during the Jazz realm as well as the Roaring Twenties.

She was very loyal and devoted to her nationality and truthfulness. Because of this kind of nature of Josephine, she refused to perform in the United States. However, this happened after she got to know that this performance of hers was one of the symbols of her involvement in the civil rights movement.

This immensely talented soul left everyone at the age of 68 on 12th April 1975 in Paris, France.

Josephine Baker had a net worth of approximately 1.5 million dollars.

Akio’s Net Worth

It’s not possible to gather anything but his net worth as Akio never disclosed what he does for his living.


Hopefully, this much information about Akio Bouillon will be enough to know about him. Along with him, some additional segments are also there about his mother to provide a perfect idea about how Akio Bouillon gained the spotlight.