Several celebrities are there whose family members have stepped into the stairs of success rather than popularity with the help of their fame. Maybe all these have happened unknowingly but this has given birth to several emerging famous personalities around the world. Likewise, Kree Thomas Accola is one of them. He is mainly in the spotlight because of his popular sibling. His sibling is the reason why people around the globe wanted to gather information about him so curiously.

This article is presented in front of the audience to furnish them with all kinds of information about who Kree Thomas Accola is. Along with that, a few segments of the blog will also convey about some people related to him.

Personal Life

Kree Thomas is the younger son of Kevin Accola and Carolyn Accola. His mother was an environmental engineer and later left her job to look after her two kids. However, his father was a cardiothoracic surgeon. Kree Thomas has spent all his childhood with his elder sibling named Candice King. Both of his parents were very interested in politics because of which they were very much active and known faces in the local Republican political party. Apart from this nothing else can be known about Kree. Despite being the sibling of a celebrity he doesn’t like too much media interaction because it’s not possible to gather much information about what he is doing in his personal or professional life.

Kree’s Sister And Her Net Worth

Candice René King AKA Candice King is a well-known actress and singer from America. She was born on 13th May 1987 In Houston, Texas, U.S. After her birth her entire family shifted to Edgewood, Florida where she attended her school. She went to the Lake Highland Preparatory School.

In the primary stage of her career, Candice presented herself in front of the world as a singer. Her debut album was It’s Always the Innocent Ones which came out in December 2016.

After this, she never looked back and started gaining recognition and popularity. However, she had also come up as the backing singer in the Best of Both Worlds Tour with Miley Cyrus. After this sequence in 2008, he appeared in Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert as Candice King in front of several people.

After a successful career, Candice King emerged as an acting personality. She gained recognition as an actor after appearing in How I Met Your Mother, Supernatural, Drop Dead Diva and so on. However, the turning point in her career was when she received one of the main characters roles in the drama named series The Vampire Diaries. Over there she came up as Caroline Forbes.

In 2013 Candice got engaged to Joe King and after a year in 2014, both of them got married. However, the couple had two daughters.

Candice King has a net worth of approximately 4 million dollars.

Kree’s Net Worth

As it’s not possible to gather much about what Kree does to earn his bread, it’s not possible to speak about his net worth.


The above-mentioned paragraphs depict all about Kree Thomas and his sister. Hopefully, his much will be enough for the audience to know about him.