It’s quite obvious that the family members of any celebrity or sports personality receive much more recognition and fondness from the audience. This is because they wanted to know how their parents had brought them up, how they had led their lives and so on. Just like the way Ruth Holdorff is the one who seems much into this list not only because of her husband but also for her son too. Both the members of her family belong to the sports genre and have earned much glory.

This article is presented in front of the audience to elaborate to them who Ruth Holdorff is. Along with her, a few segments will also be added to the blog to speak about the people because of whom she attained the spotlight.

Personal Life

Ruth Holdorff is a social worker who was born on 10th January 1949 in Alvin, Texas, United States. She was the high school tennis champion at the state level. Her husband is Nolan Ryan. Both of them have known each other since they were in high school. However, the couple tied a knot on 25th June 1967. Together the couple has three children named Reid, Reese, and Wendy. Apart from this nothing else can be known about Ruth’s personal life. This segment of the blog can be concluded by saying that maybe she doesn’t like too much media interaction and generally leads a private life so it’s not possible to gather much information about her.

Ruth’s Husband And His Net Worth

Lynn Nolan Ryan Jr. AKA Nolan Ryan is a former baseball player. He was born on 31st January 1947 in Refugio, Texas. Among the six children, he was the youngest child of Martha Lee and Lynn Nolan Ryan Sr. At a very young age, he showed his interest in baseball. For four decades he was part of Major League Baseball. He has also served for several other baseball teams like the New York Mets, California Angels, Houston Astros, and Texas Rangers. Apart from being a baseball professional Ryan also appeared as one of the political party members. However, this leadership has never come up directly in front of the world. But indirectly he arose with many such hints which were important for the common people. Nolan Ryan was appointed as the chairman that is the lieutenant governor of Texas in 2011.

Nolan Ryan has a net worth of approximately 60 million dollars.

Ruth’s Son And His Net Worth

Reid Ryan has followed the footsteps of his father and just like him, he is also a baseball professional. He was born on 21st November 1971 in Alvin, Texas. At present days he is the CEO of Ryan-Sanders Baseball Inc. However, he started his career in minor league baseball as a pitcher. In 2013 he was also elected as the president of the Houston Astros.

Reid Ryan has a net worth of 35 million dollars.

Ruth’s Net Worth

Ruth Holdorff has a net worth of approximately 1.5 million dollars.


Hopefully, the above-mentioned paragraphs have succeeded to provide the audience with an ample amount of information about Ruth Holdorff. Along with her, a few segments are also about her husband and son to prove her prominence.