Thomas Watson Giovanni is the son of the prominent Black American Poet, writer, activist and teacher, Nikki Giovanni. The mother is also a commentator and educator.

You probably know Nikki from her most famous poems including, Black Judgement, Cotton Candy on a Rainy Day and Bicycles: Love Poems. The creative poet also penned numerous children’s books including The Sun is so Quiet.

Nikki gave birth to her son before she was married. Read on to discover more about the life of Thomas Watson Giovanni.

Personal Life

Thomas Watson Giovanni was born on the 31st of August 1969. When Thomas as born, people accused Nikki of setting a bad example. This owed to the fact that she was an unmarried single woman with a child.

Nikki did not talk much about Thomas Watson Giovanni as a kid. For this reason, we know little to nothing about his childhood life.

At the same time, whether or not Thomas is a married man remains unrevealed. He keeps most of his life away from the public eye. Regardless, reports indicate that Nikki is a grandmother. Since Thomas Watson Giovanni is her only child, it is plausible to assume that he is the father.

Based on online sources, Thomas Watson Giovanni has a daughter. There is no information about any other kinds that Thomas has sired.

In addition, due to keeping a low profile, there is no information about Thomas Watson Giovanni’s education. However, since his mother is an educator, Watson must have attended some of the best schools in the US. Details about his highest level of education remail unknown.

About Nikki Giovanni

The famous poet was born and raised by her parents in Knoxville. Due to consistent domestic fights in her household, Nikki moved in with her grandparents. She attended Austin High and proceeded to Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee.

After completing her higher education, Nikki Giovanni’s grandmother died. To cope with the loss, she turned to writing. Later on, she began her teaching career at Livingstone College.  In 1970, she appeared on the TV program Soul.

Nikki Giovanni was also a renowned member of the Black Arts Movement. After having Thomas, the poet started writing children’s books. Her goal was to provide content that was also suitable for children.

Thomas Watson Giovanni’s Social Media

Since he keeps his life to himself, Thomas does not have social media accounts. There are no records of him on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. However, Thomas Watson Giovanni’s mother is very active on social media.

Nikki Giovanni joined Twitter a few years ago and has been posting pictures, including those of his son. She also has more than 15,000 followers on Instagram. Most of her posts are her photos and those of her family.

Net Worth

Since information about Watson’s professional life remains unknown, it is hard to estimate his net worth. On the other hand, his mother has been a successful career woman in different fields. She is an award-winning poet with numerous accolades. Her estimated net worth is five million dollars.

Wrapping Up

Thomas Watson Giovanni keeps a very personal profile. As a result, many things about his life remain unknown.