Winndye Jenkins is the wife of American former gang leader and co-founder of Gangster Disciples Larry Hoover. The two started their romantic relationship in 1968 when Larry was 18. Winddye and Larry applied for a marriage license several times but were denied by the Illinois Department of Corrections.

As per the U.S Department of Justice, Winndye Jenkins and Larry Hoover were legally married on January 9, 2020. Despite her husband’s arrests and the state’s attempts to demean their relationship, Winndye Jenkins has always loved and supported her husband.

Personal Life

When her husband was arrested in 1973, Winndye Jenkins was pregnant; she bore a son named Larry Hoover Jr all alone and took care of him alone. She visited her husband in prison at least three times a year. Given that Winndye Jenkins was responsible for taking care of her son, she was involved in a business to take care of his needs.

In 1973, when Winndye Jenkins’s husband was arrested, she was accused of helping Larry Hoover launder money. However, no charges were pressed against her. Regarding her education, not much is known, but she completed her high school studies.

Her Husband

Winndye Jenkins’s husband was born in Jackson, Mississippi, but his family relocated to Chicago, Illinois, when he was four. He attended middle and high school in Chicago, but at 13, he dropped out, joining Supreme Gangsters, a street gang. Larry Hoover was involved in petty crimes such as muggings and theft.

When Larry Hoover met Winndye Jenkins, he was still involved in petty crimes. Winndye’s husband was close to the leader of the Gangster Disciples, and in 1969 he approached David Barksdale, the leader of Black Disciples, in an attempt to reunite their street gangs. After the death of David Barksdale in 1974, Larry Hoover took over the leadership of Black Disciples.

While still in prison, Winndye’s husband was running the business of the gangs. In the late 1980s, there was a dispute in his gang, leading to its splitting; despite still being active in running the gang’s businesses, the Black Disciples did not want anything to do with Winndye’s husband. Years later, Larry Hoover renounced his relationship with crimes and gang groups, saying he was a changed man.

Legal Issues Surrounding Winndye’s Husband

Winndye Jenkins’s husband was arrested in 1973; he was charged with the murder of William Young, among several other cases. Larry Hoover had ordered the killing of William after he stole drugs belonging to his gang. Winndye’s husband had sent Andrew Howard to commit the crime; they were arrested, charged, and sentenced to life in prison.

While still in prison, Larry Hoover was found guilty of continuing to engage in criminal activities. He now serves six life sentences at the United States Penitentiary, Administrative Maximum facility.

Where is Winndye Jenkins Now?

It has been tough for Winndye Jenkins to see her husband behind bars almost all her life, but she loves him. She visits him sometimes and is currently doing business in one of the states in America to meet her daily financial needs.