Australia is rightfully famous for being a land of opportunity, boasting a high quality of life and incredible natural beauty. Over 200,000 people head to Australia every year to build themselves a new life down under, attracted by the island nation’s high standards of living, diversity, and laid-back, friendly culture.

If you are someone who is thinking about making the big decision to uproot and move to Australia, its definitely in your best interests to consult with an experienced immigration lawyer in Sydney, who can help you navigate the expensive and intricate pathways to achieving your goal of securing a visa that will allow you to live and work.

Before you go further with your plans, let’s take a look at some of the things that make Australia such a desirable country to live, study, and work in!

Lifestyle – Australians are famed for their laid-back attitude. Unlike some countries such as the USA, Australia feels that a work-life balance is crucial for creating a healthy culture and populace. This essentially means that every person has sufficient time to enjoy their life outside of their work! The entire country shares the belief that time spent relaxing with friends and family and enjoying social events like holidays, sports, and gatherings is a non-negotiable component of daily life. In addition, being a secular nation there are no religious restrictions placed on anyone, and free speech is practised proudly as an unquestionable right. Australia is a free country that openly welcomes people from around the world to join in and become a part of it.

Citizenship – Australia offers real pathways to attaining permanent residency and even citizenship to immigrants. These include education, family reunions, humanitarian, and skilled migration visas. Those who achieve the status of permanent resident become qualified to apply to become a citizen. Australia is also outstanding for recognising dual citizenship with more than 25 different countries. Permanent residency also gives the individual the right to vote in Australian elections and have access to all essential government services such as health care. Australia is by far the best choice to live one’s dream of being a member of a fair and free society.

Healthcare – Australia’s universal healthcare system is among the world’s most accessible and complete. Considering the sorry state of health care in some other developed nations (looking at you, USA!), the Australian system is a major enticement for prospective immigrants, being that it is equally available to both citizens and permanent residents, and portions of it can be used by those on more limited visas as well. The Australian government fully understands that a healthy population is a happy population that is able to perform its best at work and in society, and so it provides the nation’s healthcare system with ample funding.

The Australian Department of Home Affairs Immigration and citizenship website has more information for those serious about making a life for themselves here. Come and join us down under, we know you will love it as much as we do!