Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to experiment with some heart-filled nail art. With love in the air and hearts being the main symbol of the mushiest day of the year, red is undoubtedly a popular color of choice. But, who says it has to be just red? There are endless possibilities that range from subtle to bold designs, featuring everything from romantic to playful motifs.

Dainty Dipped Gold

This design looks extremely professional, but it is easy to replicate at home. Start with a coat of your favorite sheer base polish, followed by a half-layer of Kinno gold foil flakes to create an abstract and uneven pattern. Then use a heart stamper to add a mix of white and red hearts before finishing with a glossy topcoat.

Ace of Hearts

Nail artist Betina Goldstein plays on luck of the draw with this design that mimics a deck of cards. Use a classic red polish to paint numbers and suits in this instantly recognizable tribute.

Half-moon Kiss

Get ready for some extra-long wear with this manicure by Miss Pop. Paint pink and purple kisses atop a soft-pink background. Leave a translucent half-moon that will turn into a waxing moon as your nails start to grow.

Bleeding Hearts

Feel like you’ve been stabbed in the chest, or perhaps like lighting the whole concept of Valentine’s Day on fire? Look no further than Heather’s bleeding hearts with soft pink-nude and vivid red colors. This versatile look caters to every mood for Valentine’s Day.

Festive French

This reversible French, not to be confused with reverse French, is the perfect choice for when you love both colors equally. Start by applying two base coats, alternating shades for one or a few accent nails. Paint the thin, red tip to the top of the nail, staying close to the edge, following the shape of the nail. Use the opposite color on the ring finger to complete this festive French look!

Chrome Hearts

These futuristic French tips feature chrome silver polish from a UK-based polish brand Models Own. Add heart-shaped metal charms to seal the Valentine’s deal.

Cut-Out Hearts

Add cut-out hearts to your French manicure. Paint a perfect heart on a dry base of alternating shades of red and pink.

Espresso Hearts

Celebrate Cupid without resorting to traditional V-Day colors by trying out this rich-toned manicure. Dark brown and beige paint spots can pass as “chocolate truffle hearts,” “caramel hearts,” or just “leather handbag hearts”.

Pop of Pink

Goldstein created the illusion of a reverse-French style by adding red polish over pink, leaving just a millimeter or two of visible pink.

Get Your Groove On

Create an artful stripey design with a detailer brush and red polish. Once the red is dry, trace it with pink, coral, and purple to complete the look.

There are so many adorable and creative Valentine’s Day nail designs out there that can fit any personal style. Try out one of these options to show off your love for the holiday on your nails!