The modern digital space continues to surprise businessmen and influencers. At the moment when everyone was sure that there would be no new social apps in the next few years, everything changed. A new giant Threads entered the arena and outlined new rules of the game.

It’s no secret that social networks have become one of the most powerful tools for promoting brands and companies. With them, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to expand the visibility of their company, find new customers and a loyal audience. That is why in the modern world it is so important to follow the changes in the digital field and be aware of the latest innovations and trends. 

In this blog post, we decided to talk about the most important thing – getting followers to the new social network. This metric is one of the main ones and it determines the level of your company in the social network. Read on to find the 3 best ways to increase your audience!

1. Invest in promotion

What could be better than getting real subscribers without much effort and time? It may sound like a dream, but it has become real today. Advertising companies offer a huge list of services for creators in various social networks, and Threads is no exception. Check out at the link available packages and prices: Here you can completely delegate the task of attracting a new audience to specialists and not think about it. 

The whole process without your active presence. That is, you don’t need to direct specialists or be in touch with them 24/7, as is usual in business. 

Plus, it’s important to understand that all followers “out of nowhere” are absolutely genuine. Decent companies employ real people who cooperate with providers on mutually beneficial terms and perform PR tasks. You won’t get bots or fakes that degrade your account rating – the process is absolutely legal and safe for your page.

However, before placing an order, we strongly recommend you study the company’s website and compare prices to avoid further problems. 

2. Post, post and post again 

There are no clear algorithms and programs in the app that affect your visibility and reach. If you can post one post every few days on Insta or X (Twitter), then it doesn’t work effectively here. You see, users see all the posts in their feed without ranking. This means that  to be noticed, you need to create a lot of messages.

Keep in mind that posts should be extremely informative and useful. Here you can start from scratch: tell users a story about the creation of a company, about employees or the head of a brand. Next, share your new collections or  services – people like to learn about brands as much as possible, and this increases the level of trust and loyalty.

3. Share visual content 

Like everywhere else, Threads loves photos and videos. They are like a breath of fresh air in a text feed, and attract much more attention than ordinary posts. That’s why it’s important to focus not only on the right posts, but also on the brilliant visual. 

Start posting 1-2  messages a day with photos/videos. It can be your new things from the collection, inventions or customer reviews. Such posts get a lot more engagement, therefore, attract new readers. Try it!