Andrew Thomas Weil is a celebrity doctor in the United States. He is a teacher, writer, and holistic health practitioner who advocates for the 4-7-8 breathing technique. What many people do not know about doctor Andrew Weil is that he has been formerly married. If you would like to learn more about Andrew Weil’s ex-wife, Sabine Kremp, keep reading this post. Even though the former wife of the doctor has kept a low profile off the media, we have managed to dig out some information for you. Let’s dive in!

Sabine Kremp’s Biography

Sabine Kremp’s birthday is on June 8, 1942. She is best recognized as the former wife of the famous American professional doctor Andrew Weil. The course of the couple’s relationship as well as the reason for their divorce is not public. However, research revealed that they were married between 1990 to 1997.

When searching for information about Andrew Weil’s estranged wife, you will find websites referring to her as Sabine Weil, Sabine Kremp Weil, etc. However, being the former wife of the American doctor is about the only information related to Sabine on the internet.

Doctor Andrew Weil’s Relationship With His Ex-wife Sabine Kremp

Dr. Andrew Weil does not mention anything about his former wife, Sabine Kremp. From the look of things, the estranged couple does not keep in touch or have a relationship after their divorce. Moreover, Sabine Kremp is a private person. She has stayed away from the media, so there is no news about her whereabouts.

As you can find in our biography of doctor Andrew Weil, he is now enjoying family life with another woman, Eva Lopatin Dickerman.

Sabine Kemp’s Children With Andrew Weil

There is no information about whether Sabine Kremp and Andrew Weil have children together. Moreover, the couple was only married for seven years and has been separated long ago. Also, we do not know whether Sabine Kremp is remarried or has children with another man.

However, Andrew Weil has a child named Diana Dakota Weil. Diana is a girl from Andrew Weil’s second marriage to Eva Lopatin Dickerman.

More about Andrew Thomas Weil’s Career

Andrew Thomas Weil is an American physician, naturopath, educator, and author. He specializes in holistic medicine.

Andrew Weil established the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona and serves as its director and professor. He graduated from Harvard University with a biology undergraduate degree and a medical degree. Also, he is known for accomplishing integrative care, which tries to mix alternative and traditional medicine. Weil recommends that patients take the Western medications that their doctors have recommended to them and then include complementary therapies in their treatment plans. He mentioned treatments such as omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, herbal medicines, meditation, and other “spiritual” techniques.

Yet, Weil has come under fire from some conventional medical experts for rejecting elements of evidence-based treatment and endorsing unproven theories. In 1997 and 2005, doctor Weil was featured on the cover of Time Magazine. Almost 10 million copies of his various publications have been sold. Some of the titles of these books include Healthy Aging, 8 Weeks to Optimal Health, and Spontaneous Healing. Weil has appeared frequently on Oprah, the Today Show, and Larry King Live.