Are you traveling to a different time zone and experiencing jet lag? If so, Rubmd, a US-based massage service, can help alleviate your muscle soreness and tension. In this article, we provide a detailed overview of Rubmd’s services, customer feedback, payment methods, legality, and essential benefits of massage.

Where to Find Rubmd

Rubmd offers its services in every state of the United States, from Alabama to Washington. You can visit their website, which is organized by state and city, to locate their massage centers on the map.

Payment Methods

Rubmd accepts payment in cash, as well as through the Cash App, Coinbase, and Bitquick. They also accept bitcoin, a decentralized cryptocurrency that allows for private payment. After submitting your payment, you will receive confirmation within 30 minutes.

Customer Reviews of Rubmd

The majority of customer reviews of Rubmd are positive. However, some customers have reported unsatisfactory experiences with Rubmd. For example, one customer on AMP Reviews complained that Rubmd immediately demanded a deposit but failed to provide the service on-site. Some customers also reported that Rubmd is a virtual address that is not backed by concrete reality.

Legitimacy of Rubmd

Massage therapy is not regulated by the US federal government, and regulations depend on individual state laws. Rubmd hires licensed massage therapists in states such as Kansas, Minnesota, Vermont, and Wyoming. However, in states without such regulations, Rubmd is automatically considered legitimate.

Benefits of Rubmd Massage Therapy

Rubmd’s massage therapy provides numerous benefits, including anxiety relief, digestive disorder cure, fibromyalgia healing, headache alleviation, insomnia treatment, and joint pain therapeutics.

Relieving Anxiety

According to the Mayo Clinic Health System, massage affects a person’s emotional stability, reduces anxiety and stress levels, and positively impacts mood by enhancing self-image and confidence. Massage therapy at Rubmd reduces the quantity of cortisol, a hormone produced by high levels of stress, in the body. It also acts as a glucose booster in the bloodstream, which is necessary for the effective functioning of the brain.

Curing Digestive Disorders

Rubmd’s expert abdominal massage can reduce gastric residual, the remains of previously eaten food in the stomach before starting to take another meal. When the amount of gastric residual is more than 100 ml, there is a higher chance of pulmonary aspiration, which is when food enters the person’s airway or lungs. Abdominal massage has been shown to reduce gastric residual in the stomach.

Healing Fibromyalgia

Massage therapy can relieve pain associated with fibromyalgia, which produces constant pain and tenderness when touched. Stress or tension in the muscle can cause this pain by increasing stress hormones and decreasing serotonin levels in the body. Rubmd’s special massage therapy can reverse this process by decreasing stress hormones and increasing serotonin levels, thereby reducing pain and improving sleep quality.

Alleviating Headaches

Headaches can result from neurological problems, food sensitivity, environmental irritants, dehydration, and anxiety, hindering the normal circulation of blood in the head and causing pain. While prescriptions and medicines from doctors may provide temporary relief, massage therapy can be a more effective long-term solution. Rubmd’s expert massage therapists can provide neck and body massages, which can improve blood circulation and alleviate chronic headaches.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Rubmd is a legitimate massage center providing services across the United States. They accept various payment methods including cash, Cash App, Coinbase, Bitquick, and even bitcoin for those who value privacy. Customers can easily locate the center in their state and city using their well-structured website.

The majority of the customer reviews about Rubmd are positive, with some negative feedback from customers who didn’t have a satisfactory experience with the center. However, the fact that Rubmd is not regulated by the US federal government means that rules and regulations may vary by state.

Massage therapy has numerous benefits, including reducing anxiety, curing digestive disorders, fibromyalgia, headaches, insomnia, back pain, and joint pain. Rubmd’s massage therapy can help alleviate these conditions, and their licensed massage therapists in Kansas, Minnesota, Vermont, and Wyoming ensure that customers receive the best possible care.

If you’re looking for a way to relieve stress and tension, Rubmd’s massage therapy might be a good option for you.