If you’ve never heard about Rolland F. Bertrand, at least you know about Merchelina Bertrand or Angelina Jolie. Rolland F. Bertrand is the father of former American actress Merchelina Bertrand and the grandfather of renowned actress Angelina Jolie.

Rolland F. Bertrand’s Personal Life

Rolland F. Bertrand  was born on June 11, 1923 in Kankakee, Illinois, USA to George G Bertrand and Marie Louise Angelina Leduc. He was the last born of five and grew up in Harvey, Cook, Illinois and later in Dolton, Cook, Illinois, United States alongside his four sibling; Stella, Elmer, Lilian and Paul Bertrand.

In his early 20s, Ralland had started thinking about marriage, raising his own family and becoming completely independent of his parents. He met a beautiful woman born and raised in Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA, fell in love and later got married. Records show that he tied the knot with her beautiful wife, Lois June Gouwens in 1949.

Barely a year into the marriage, his wife got pregnat and on May 9, 1950 welcomed their first child. They named the girl Marcia Lynne Bertrand. The family grew pretty quick and by 1955 it had grown to a family of five having had two more children Debra J Bertrand(1952) and Rolland Raleigh Bertrand(1955).

In early 60s Rolland F. Bertrand’s life was quite devastated. He lost his brother Elmer Bertrand in 1960 and two years later, in 1962 his father died. However, his wife and  three young children were motivation and strength to move on.

Rolland F. Bertrand moved his family from Chicago, Illinois  to California 1965. Here they settled in Beverly Hills area where he continued working hard to  ensure proper education for his children. Eight years later, Rolland’s family was hit with yet another devastation. This time he lost his wife, Lois June Gouwens who was 45 years old then. There are no records showing that Rolland F. Bertrand remarried after his wife’s death.

Education And Career and Net Worth

Rolland F. Bertrand without a doubt had a good education and understood it’s the importance. Although his educational, wealth and career records have not been published, it is not an overstatment to say he understood the significance of education and ensured his children were well educated. His most notable daughter Merchelina Bertrand attended the only major public school in Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills High School.

Notable People Related to Rolland F. Bertrand

People wouldn’t be talking about Rolland F. Bertrand today if it were not his daughter Merchelina Bertrand and his granddaughter Angelina Jolie’s contribution in the film and entertainment industry.

His daughter Merchelina Bertrand is well known for roles in the films, “Love, Peace, Brotherhood and Murder”, Lookin’ to Get Out, and a 1983 comedy film “The Man Who Loved Woman”. She later worked as a producer producing an award-winning documentary Trudell. Merchelina Bertrand passed away on January 27, 2007 after a long battle with breast cancer.

Rolland F. Bertrand’s granddaughter Angelina Jolie is one of the greatest female actresses of all time with numerous accolades on her name. She is best known for her roles in “Tomb Raider”, “Salt” “Maleficent”, “Unbrokeen” “Eternal” and more.


Rolland F. Bertrand died at 61 years old. According to records, he took his last breath on April 8, 1985 in Henderson, Clark, Nevada, USA.