Mikhail Zarathustra Castro Liberman is the son of the Mexican singer Christian Castro. Mikhail Zarathustra’s mother is a lawyer, and she filed a divorce from the Mexican singer Christian Castro getting custody of her children.

Mikhail Zarathustra Castro Liberman was born in December 2007, and he has an older sister Simone born on 2005, and another half-sister, born by his father. Mikhail and his sister Simone currently live in Miami with their mother, and they have a long-distance relationship with their father, Christian Castro.

Mikhail Zarathustra Castro Liberman’s Father

The 47 years old Mexican singer has not had the best of luck in his love life. Despite prospering in his career, he has had many problems in his marriage. Throughout Castro’s career, he has achieved a lot of success leading to a huge following of fans.

Christian Castro, the father of Mikhail Zarathustra Castro Liberman, is lucky to have come from a family of actors. Still, he decided to follow a different path and become a musician. Christian Castro is the son of Veronica Castro and Manuel El Loco Valdez.

Mikhail Zarathustra’s father, Castro, has progressed in his career and won many gold and platinum records, but his personal life has not been the best. Christian Castro is blessed with three children by two different women. Still, it is unfortunate that the singer does not interact much with his children, especially his older children with a lawyer.

Christian Castro confessed to the media that he is a bad father and is not devoted to his family. Christian seems to be more devoted to his music career than his family. Mikhail Zarathustra Castro Lieberman’s father had two marriage relationships, and unfortunately, none of them worked.

Mikhail’s father revealed that the tight relationship with his first wife, Liberman, has made it hard for him to have a relationship with his children. The singer revealed that he could see his older children with certain limitations.

Christian Castro said he had better relationships with his daughters, but with Mikhail Zarathustra Castro Liberman, his son, it was worse. Simone, Mikhail’s sister, was believed to be interested in singing when she was little, but little is known about Mikhail’s interest.

Mikhail Zarathustra Castro Liberman’s Siblings

Mikhail Zarathustra Castro Liberman has two sisters. Simone is his sister and is the eldest in the family after being born in 2005. There is not much information about Simone, but she has a better relationship with his father than his brother Mikhail.

Mikhail Zarathustra has another sibling, his half-sister, born by his father, and his lover, a Colombian actress. Fans have seen Zarathustra’s half-sister having a good relationship with his father, and it seems she is interested in becoming a singer like her father. Mikhail Zarathustra’s half-sister Rafaela Castro has an Instagram account, and many fans can follow her life.

Mikhail Zarathustra Castro Liberman’s Mother

Valerie Liberman, an Argentine Lawyer, is the mother of Mikhail Zarathustra Castro Liberman. Valerie Liberman met Christian Castro before 2005, and after dating for a while, they married in June 2005 as they welcomed their daughter.

Unfortunately, Mikhail Zarathustra Castro Liberman’s mother and father separated after three years of marriage. Liberman got custody of her children as she cited Christian being unfit to be a father.