Roger E. Maris Jr.’s Childhood

Roger E. Maris Jr. was born into a family with a rich baseball legacy. His father, Roger Maris, was a professional baseball player who played for several teams throughout his career, including the New York Yankees. Despite his father’s fame and success in the sport, Roger E. Maris Jr. grew up with a relatively normal childhood. He had five siblings, including Kevin J. Maris, Sandra Maris, Randy Maris, Susan A. Maris, and Richard Maris.


Roger E. Maris Jr.’s parents were Roger Maris and Patricia A. Maris. Patricia A. Maris was born in Gainesville, FL, and she and Roger were married in 1956. They had six children together, including Roger E. Maris Jr.


Roger E. Maris Jr. had five siblings: Kevin J. Maris, Sandra Maris, Randy Maris, Susan A. Maris, and Richard Maris.


Roger E. Maris Jr.’s grandparents were Corrine Perkovich and Rudolph Maras.


Roger E. Maris Jr.’s uncle was Rudy Maris.

Roger E. Maris Jr.’s Career and Interests

While Roger E. Maris Jr. did not pursue a career in baseball like his father, he did have a successful career in his own right. He worked in the finance industry and was involved in several successful business ventures over the years.

Beyond his career, Roger E. Maris Jr. had a passion for sports and enjoyed playing golf in his free time. He was also a fan of baseball and supported his father’s legacy by participating in events and activities related to his father’s career. He was involved in several charitable initiatives and worked to preserve his father’s legacy through the Roger Maris Museum in Fargo, North Dakota.

More About Roger E. Maris Jr.

Roger E. Maris Jr. passed away in 2014, leaving behind a legacy of his own. While he may have been the son of a baseball legend, he carved out his own path in life and had a successful career in the finance industry. He remained a dedicated fan of sports and supported his father’s legacy through various charitable initiatives and events. His life serves as a reminder of the importance of family, legacy, and pursuing one’s passions.