Not everyone has to do something notable in the world to earn popularity and Piper Chalke is one of those people. She is best known for being the sister of Canadian actress, Sarah Chalke. However, Piper Chalke doesn’t remain in the spotlight of the media like her sister. So, not much information is available about Piper Chalke.

However, today we researched and tried to find out some significant information about early life, family, siblings, education, profession, net worth, earnings, age, love life, children, and other such details about Piper Chalke.

Personal life

As we just said that not much information is available about Piper Chalke, you will hardly have any details about her birth details. The only thing we are sure about her is that she is a Canadian and the names of her parents are Angie Chalke and Douglas Chalke.

Considering the fact that her actress sister is 46 years old today and she is younger than her, we hope that Piper Chalke might be at least 40 years old today.

If you talk about the love life of Piper Chalke, we do hope that Piper Chalke might be today, as she would be around 40 years old. However, the gorgeous lady has not bothered to disclose any details regarding this.

Parents and siblings

Piper Chalke is the youngest of three children of her parents, Angie Chalke and Douglas Chalke, who have not revealed any details about their personal lives. If you talk about their professions, not at all any information is available regarding that either.

As for the siblings of Piper Chalke, she has two elder sisters and their names are Natasha Chalke and Sarah Chalke. Nothing much is available about her eldest sister but her second elder sister Sarah Chalke is a renowned Canadian actress and model today.

Education and profession

Like the personal life details of Piper Chalke, her educational background is also a mystery to the public. Not just that but Piper Chalke never bothered to talk openly about her professional career either. Given this fact, you will not get any information about the education of Piper Chalke.

Reason for the popularity of Piper Chalke

Obviously, the one and only reason for her popularity is her sister, Sarah Chalke, who is a household name in the Canadian film industry and gained massive success through her own efforts.

Net worth of Piper Chalke

Needless to say that the net worth and earnings of Piper Chalke are not known to the public because even her profession is a secret. However, considering the lifestyle of Piper Chalke at present, it seems like the lady has a good amount of money in her life. If we talk about the net worth of her actress sister, Sarah Chalke, she has churned out around 14 million so far in her life.


Piper Chalke shares a very good bond with her celebrity sister and they are often spotted together. However, Piper Chalke doesn’t seem much interested in stardom and publicity because she maintains a distance from the media as well as the public.