Matthew Raymond-Goodman is a celebrity spouse, who is best known for being the partner of American actor Brandon Kyle Goodman. They are LGBTQ couples and set an example for such people to live their life freely without worrying about anyone. Matthew Raymond-Goodman advocates for LGBTQ people enthusiastically.

Today,  let us unfurl all the details about Matthew Raymond-Goodman like his birth details, parents, siblings, education, profession, married life, earnings, net worth, and such personal life details.

Personal life

With the fact that Matthew Raymond-Goodman grabbed public attention when he got married, his early life details still remain secret to the public. It is confirmed that he is an American by nationality but the names of his parents as well as other basic life details of him are not known.

Speaking of the love life of Matthew Raymond-Goodman, today, Matthew Raymond-Goodman is happily married to his partner, Brandon Kyle Goodman, who is an emerging American actor and has worked in some Netflix TV series or films. The couple got married a few years back after dating for almost 4-5 years. The exact date of their marriage is not confirmed but it’s around 3-4 years back.

Parents and siblings

We have already told you that not at all any confirmed information is available about the family background of Matthew Raymond-Goodman. This is the reason that finding any details about his parents and siblings is not really possible.


Matthew Raymond-Goodman is definitely enjoying a happy married life today but he is probably yet to become a father and enjoy parenthood because nothing is available about his children.

Education and profession

Finding out any significant information about the education of Matthew Raymond-Goodman is also not possible because he himself has not bothered to talk about this thing. However, we hope that Matthew Raymond-Goodman must be an educated man because he is a life coach by profession and offers mental health services. In addition to that, Matthew Raymond-Goodman also advocates for LGBTQ people and helps them live their life in their ways.

Reasons for the popularity of Matthew Raymond-Goodman

There are actually two reasons that make Matthew Raymond-Goodman popular. First of all, he is famous because of his partner, Brandon Kyle Goodman, who is an emerging American actor. The second reason for the popularity of Matthew Raymond-Goodman is his relationship and marriage with his partner. The way they broke stereotypes and started their life together became a news headline and inspired many such people.

Net worth of Matthew Raymond-Goodman

Considering the fact that Matthew Raymond-Goodman is an established life coach, it won’t be wrong to say that he would be earning a handsome amount of money at the moment. However, the young man has not revealed any details regarding his earnings and net worth. Given this fact, you will not find the exact net worth of Matthew Raymond-Goodman.


Matthew Raymond-Goodman is definitely an inspiration for many LGBTQ people, who can’t muster up the courage to live their life on their way and end up giving up on their love.