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Modernize your baby journal. Easily customize, monitor, and share your baby’s records.
This free and user-friendly parenting app is the best way to stay connected to your baby’s growth, even when you’re away.



* Single tap start and stop breastfeeding timer

* Track nursing times for each breast as well as the nursing duration as a whole

* Submit optional feeding notes to go along with each nursing


Bottle Feeding

* Log bottle feedings and the contents of those feedings

* COMPANION PRODUCT: BlueSmart mia - Get the full smart feeding system. This smart sleeve slips onto most baby bottles making it easy for you to prepare, monitor, and track your baby’s bottle feedings via:

   - temperature alerts

   - portion measurements

   - angle alerts

   - feeding durations

   - feeding notifications

   - warnings for potential expiration

   - All information syncs with the app    



* Record pumping session totals for each breast or both together

* Submit optional pumping notes to go along with each pumping



* Log dry, wet, dirty, or mixed diapers

* See the last time you changed your baby’s diaper

* Get reminders to change your baby’s diaper at customizable intervals

* Submit optional diaper notes to go along with each diaper change



* Single tap start and stop sleep timer

* Identify your baby’s sleep patterns and track down potential causes for your baby’s fussiness

* Set reminders to put your baby to sleep to help sleep train or create nighttime feeding schedule

* Submit optional sleep notes to go along with each sleep



* Enter height, weight, and head measurement data

* See your baby’s growth over time

* Submit optional growth notes to go along with each measurement



* Write down anything important

* Milestones, photos, quick notes, and solid meal entry

* Attach relevant photos from your library or snap one when you create your note



* Keep your favorite baby photos

* Match photos with activities, milestones, and more


Data Visualization

* See your baby’s activities/progress over the past day, week, or month

* Export data to send to family members, caretakers, or the pediatrician