The images of migrants facing desperation at the US-Mexico border continue to circulate on social media, shedding light on the challenging circumstances they encounter. Among these images is a photograph capturing a Guatemalan mother, Lety Perez, pleading with a Mexican National Guard officer to allow her and her 6-year-old son, Anthony, to cross into the United States. These powerful visuals, taken by Reuters photographer Jose Luis Gonzalez, highlight the struggles and vulnerability of migrants seeking a better future. In this article, we delve into the details of this heart-wrenching moment and the broader context of the migrant crisis at the border.

The Desperate Plea

The photograph portrays Lety Perez and her young son, Anthony, in a distressing situation. Squatting on a dirt road, Lety covers her face, concealing her tears, while embracing Anthony, who gazes up at the officer before them. The images capture her fervent pleas for the officer’s mercy, hoping for a chance to cross into the United States. The emotional impact of the photo is intensified by the series of images that depict Lety’s persistent appeals to the officer, reflecting the desperate circumstances faced by migrants at the border.

The Growing Crisis

These photographs join a series of poignant images that shed light on the challenges and desperation experienced by migrants at the southern border. In recent times, the media has highlighted the difficulties of crossing into the United States, as well as the migrants’ determination to seek a better life. Last year, a photograph of a crying 2-year-old girl looking up at her mother while being searched by border guards sparked widespread controversy. In June, the haunting image of a Salvadoran father and daughter found dead in the Rio Grande shook the world, further emphasizing the harsh realities faced by migrants.

Behind the Lens: Photographer’s Perspective

Jose Luis Gonzalez, the photographer behind the series, shared his insights into capturing these powerful images. While assigned to document the border and the National Guard’s presence, Gonzalez walked along the border, hoping to capture significant moments of migrants attempting to cross or encountering officers. He noted that crossing attempts often increased at dusk when migrants took advantage of reduced visibility. However, he did not anticipate the poignant scene that unfolded before his lens.

Gonzalez revealed the story of Lety Perez and her son, Anthony. They hail from Guatemala, and Lety, a single mother, embarked on the journey in search of a better future for her child. Having exhausted all her resources, she implored the National Guard officers not to send her back to her home country. In a moment of oversight by the officer before her, Lety ran into the dry Rio Bravo, where she turned herself in to the Border Patrol on the US side.

The Border Situation

Gonzalez described how the presence of the National Guard has altered the dynamics at the Mexican side of the border. Before their deployment, there were no significant barriers preventing migrants from crossing. Now, officers are stationed every 100 meters, creating an almost impenetrable barrier. While they previously physically restrained migrants, they now stand as a symbolic blockade. Women, often accompanied by their children, comprise a significant portion of those attempting to cross. Their pleas to let them continue their journey are met with varying responses from the National Guard officers.

The Mexican Guards and Their Response

During the encounter, Lety directly pleaded with one of the Mexican guards for help and passage. The officer responded, stating that he couldn’t assist her directly but assured her that immigration agents would provide aid upon their arrival. Lety inquired about the possibility of being returned to her country, and the officer advised her to wait for the Immigration authorities. When Lety managed to cross to the US side, a group of Mexican officers gathered at the point where they had initially stopped her. The details of their conversation remain unknown.

Uncertain Futures

While the immediate fate of Lety Perez and her son remains unclear, recent trends indicate that many migrants are promptly returned to Mexico shortly after crossing the border. The hopes and dreams of individuals like Lety, who seek a better life for their children, often face significant obstacles. The migration process involves enduring uncertainty, as individuals await court dates and decisions that will shape their future.

CNN obtained a statement from the Guatemalan Consulate, reporting that Lety Perez and her son crossed into El Paso, Texas, where they were detained. The consulate assured that they were safe and being processed by the US Border Patrol in New Mexico while awaiting a determination of their case.

Mexico’s Evolving Role in the Migrant Crisis

The photograph capturing Lety’s plea exemplifies Mexico’s changing role in the ongoing migrant crisis. In June, President Donald Trump threatened tariffs on Mexican goods as a means to pressure the Mexican government into taking stronger actions to stem the flow of migrants from Central America. As a result, Mexico committed to deploying 6,000 National Guard troops to the border with Guatemala. This agreement led to increased border patrols throughout the country, signaling Mexico’s increased involvement in immigration enforcement.


The photograph capturing Lety Perez’s plea to a Mexican National Guard officer highlights the distressing realities faced by migrants at the US-Mexico border. These powerful images shed light on the desperate circumstances, resilience, and hopes of individuals seeking a better life. As the migrant crisis continues to unfold, it is essential to recognize the human aspect behind the headlines and work toward compassionate and sustainable solutions to address the plight of migrants worldwide.